PFA must decide on how to tackle racism in the future, says Brendan Batson

Last Updated: 26/10/12 12:56pm

Now is the time for the Professional Footballers' Association to decide how they will battle racism for the next two decades, Brendon Batson told The Footballers' Football Show.

The PFA administrator says the union must work with the relevant authorities to progress the current anti-racism campaign, in the wake of several high-profile incidents in the game recently.

"The PFA is a union, and as a union it is about its members," said the former West Brom full-back.

"The members have made a protest, they've raised the ante in the anti-racism campaign and now they need to engage with all the footballing authorities and say 'how are we going to move things forward'.

"They now need to shape how the anti-racism campaign is going to move on over the next 20 years."

"This is the biggest challenge for the PFA since it was formed."

Shebby Singh

Aberdeen goalkeeper Jason Brown agrees and says the players who have refused to wear Kick It Out t-shirts are not trying to be rebellious but simply trying to inspire a more concerted effort to battle racism in football.

"This is not about players against the PFA," he said. "We're not rebels. What we're stating is 'it's 2012 and we do not have to be grateful for anything'.

Biggest challenge

"We've worked hard to be where we are. As a young black man I've worked hard to be where I am, the same as Rio and Anton (Ferdinand).

"Some people have the perception we should be grateful with what we've been given."

However, Shebby Singh, Blackburn Rovers' Global Adviser, says it will not be an easy task for the PFA to tackle this issue.

"This is the biggest challenge for the PFA since it was formed," he said. "There's been a cry for help and the question is how do the PFA deal with that?

"If it needs to create separate sections within the union to deal with certain situations then so be it. I'm not in favour of a total breakaway but there has got to be more time spent addressing this issue."