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It'll be really physical - Wane

Last Updated: 09/08/12 12:18pm

Wigan coach Shaun Wane told Boots 'n' All he is targeting their clash with Warrington and "absolutely desperate" to beat their closest rivals for top spot.

Warrington v Wigan

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"I am going to pick my best team and if we get injuries we will deal with that, and I'll put the kids in again."

Shaun Wane

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Wigan lead the Wolves by three points as the Super League season reaches its climax. The top two meet at the Halliwell Jones Stadium this Saturday and the result could be decisive in who finishes in pole position for the play-offs.

And while his counterpart, Warrington coach Tony Smith, was more guarded about the Wolves' approach to the game, Wane wore his heart on the sleeve as the Boots 'n' All viewers in no doubt as to just how desperate he is to win on Saturday.


"This is a massive, massive game for us and we have targeted it, and probably so Warrington," he said. "I'm into our middle unit to make sure we stand up, we are men and we fight with Warrington.

"It is going to be a really physical game and it will be for Warrington as well. I am not having my middles bullied and the game last year gutted me.

"It is a game that I am absolutely desperate to win and I want to win and perform well. I am going to pick my best team and if we get injuries we will deal with that, and I'll put the kids in again."

Meanwhile Smith hinted that he could make changes to his side in order to make sure his best players are fit to contest the play-offs.

"We wouldn't sacrifice a possible win by putting out a team that is not capable of winning a particular game," he said. "But are we changing our team and looking after our players on a regular basis? We are. We have more strength in depth this year."


Smith admitted that it was a big psychological boost to finish top of the table last season but neither coach thought the outcome of Saturday's game would have a bearing on who is eventually crowned Super League champions.

Wane said: "This result this weekend will have no influence on it (the Grand Final) we will prepare that week in a different way to win that Grand Final. This game stands alone this weekend and we treat the Grand Final totally differently."

While Smith said: "It was important last year for us, even more so to finish top. We really went for it. As a club we had been known for being capable of big victories but probably hadn't been consistent for a couple of decades.

"It was important for us as a club to change the way we thought about ourselves. Number one last year was really big for us."

Asked if Wigan against Warrington would be the Grand Final, he added: "Who knows. If I had a crystal ball I could tell you but nobody knows that."