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The Sky Sports News experts have their say on a weekend of FA Cup shocks and what to expect in the final days of the transfer window...

Last Updated: 28/01/13 12:36pm

There were plenty of shock results in the fourth round of the FA Cup

Alan Curbishley on the reasons for the FA Cup shocks

"If you're going to make changes to your side you have to make sure players will respond and you'll get a performance. But if you're going to make wholesale changes for the FA Cup some players will be going in thinking 'well, I'm only going to get this game, I know you don't fancy me because you're not playing me in the league games, and as soon as I play this game I'll be back on the bench or not involved'. So, sometimes it's the mental attitude of the players the manager has to deal with.

"But also, looking at some of the sides that were put out, some of the top Premier League players have never been in those environments before: small dressing rooms, the crowd on top of you, a poor pitch - and all that goes in favour of the lower league team. Some players respond, some don't but the lower league opposition find an extra yard and have the will to win and play above themselves. As a Premier League team, if you don't get it right, you come unstuck."

David Fairclough on Liverpool's FA Cup exit to Oldham

"It's a blip but it's there now in the history books and it's a terrible thing to look back on and think that you're a part of a team that went out of the FA Cup to a lower-division side. Nobody wants to have that on their record.

"Liverpool would have expected to get a run in the FA Cup; they got to the final last year and we all enjoyed it immensely, so it's always a blow to go out.

"To go out in circumstances like that hurts for a while. There's a great responsibility being a Liverpool footballer and we can't afford to go out and maybe be embarrassed the way Liverpool were yesterday."

Alan Curbishley on changing targets during the transfer window

"As a Premier League manager you'd have sat down at the start of the transfer window with the chairman and drawn up a list of players you need and in what positions - but your targets can change quite dramatically depending on results and injuries. I was watching Tottenham and, with Adebayor at the Africa Cup of Nations, they chose to rest Defoe and go without a recognised centre forward. Can they take the risk there could be a long term injury to Defoe or Adebayor later in the season? Or do they do something in this window and end up with three strikers?

"I'm sure you'll find in the last three or four days there'll be lots of loan deals, where clubs haven't been able to secure people on transfers or where players are perhaps reluctant to go to teams in the bottom five.

"Meanwhile, squads down the bottom of the league will be looking for a lift, so the main thing is to bring players in if you're in that position - but particularly players with a bit of experience, know how and who have played in the Premier League before, who can come in and hit the ground running.

"The teams hovering around the bottom three will be doing the business, not so much the top and middle teams."

David Fairclough on Liverpool's transfer window plans

"I think Brendan knows what he has and what he needs in his squad. I think he's had a clear idea of how he sees Liverpool going forward. When he's tried to juggle the squad a little bit, the weaknesses he felt that he had might have been highlighted.

"While he needs to improve the squad, it's already been said that it won't take just one transfer window to get where they want to be; it'll take a couple more, perhaps. They've already done some interesting business and are involved in one or two other options. If they can strengthen the squad further this week, that'll be great for us going forward."

Alan Curbishley on Newcastle's five French signings

"They've had success in previous seasons by going French and the French players are cheaper at the moment. Finances have to be looked at and you could argue they could go and get a France international who would be cheaper than an U21 English player because there seems to be a premium on young English players at the moment.

"Man management is what Alan Pardew's going to have to do now. If you bring four players into the first team, that means four players go on to the bench and four go off the bench into the wilderness. The dynamics of the squad have changed and there could be quite a few unhappy players there. But above all you have to get results and the only way to keep a squad happy is by winning. Newcastle have to start picking results up."