Get Involved takes a close look at volleyball

Last Updated: 29/12/12 1:11pm

If you've stuffed yourself with turkey and Christmas pudding over the last few days, we've found the perfect way for you to burn off the calories.

Indoor volleyball lit up Earls Court during the London Olympics, Beach Volleyball was a huge hit on Horse Guard's Parade and many enjoyed the thrills of sitting volleyball at the Paralympics.

And despite having funding cut at the elite level in Great Britain following the Olympics, the sport remains popular at the grass-roots.

That's possibly because the rules are simple and it's easy for anybody to take an active role in the sport. Plus all you need to have a game is a net, a ball and a group of mates.

As you'll see from the video at the top of the page, the techniques are fairly easy to learn:

THE DIG - This is a defensive move designed to get the ball up in the air to a team-mate.

THE VOLLEY - This acts as a pass or a set for a team-mate to strike a winner.

THE SPIKE - Effectively a kill or smash to win the point and reduce your opponent's response time.

It's a game which tests your tactical nous and speed of thought as well as your fitness levels and there are three key formats; indoor, beach and sitting volleyball - which caters for able-bodied and disabled competitors.

Volleyball England's Go Spike campaign is hoping to get 500,000 people playing one of the forms of the sport in 2013 - and they're offering simple coaching courses to encourage more people to take sessions.

So this could be the perfect time to get involved!

For more information head to:

Go Spike

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