Find out how you can Get Involved in powerboat racing

Last Updated: 10/12/12 2:34pm

If it's action and adrenaline you look for in sport then Powerboating may be just for you.

The world championships are going on this week - so what better time to get involved?

Speed, glamour and high risk manoeuvres through the waves - it's a thrill racing at over 100mph. Although it's a sport which runs on big budgets there is an affordable way into Powerboating.

According to the Royal Yachting Association, a Powerboat Level 2 course can be done over two days and costs start from around £250 - and there are around 1,000 courses running across the UK. Best of all, you can have a taster session by contacting your nearest Powerboat Racing Club.

People of all ages and backgrounds are involved, from young racers in low powered boats and older drivers in catamarans, which perform like super cars.

"It's a buzz when it's going right and you're flying," Powerboat racer Brian Block told Get Involved.

"With a car or motorbike you know where the bumps are in the course, you know where the wind is coming from - here, on water, every inch is different, every time you go round."

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