Lance Armstrong must confess so cycling can move on, says Tyler Hamilton

Last Updated: 27/11/12 4:21pm

Lance Armstrong must admit to doping so cycling can move on from its past, Tyler Hamilton told Sky Sports News.

Hamilton was one of 11 former teammates to testify against Armstrong in the recent USADA investigation into drug use in cycling. That led to Armstrong being stripped of his seven Tour de France titles and banned for life by the sport's governing body, the UCI.

Armstrong has never failed a drugs test and continues to deny the accusations - but Hamilton says it is time for him to come clean for the good of the sport.

"I had a lot of secrets I was prepared to go to the grave with but this story had to be told."

Tyler Hamilton

"I do believe we will see some sort of truth come out from Lance Armstrong eventually," he said.

"I know it will do him a lot of good personally and it will do the sport of cycling a lot of good. We're in a tough spot right now and with Armstrong coming clean we could put an end to this chapter and we could move forward.

"The peloton today are suffering for our past and that's not fair."

Time for change

Hamilton, who was banned for failing drugs tests in 2004 and 2009, has won the William Hill Sports Book of the Year award for The Secret Race, his tell-all story about his time in the peloton. He hopes his tale can deter others from following the same path and has also called for changes to be made within the UCI.

"[Writing the book] was the hardest thing I've ever done, harder than any Tour de France," he said. "I had a lot of secrets I was prepared to go to the grave with but this story had to be told.

"Back when I was racing I'd say at least eighty per cent of the peloton were doping to some degree. There are still bad apples in the sport and the governing body has a lot of questions to answer.

"I love cycling from the bottom of my heart and it kills me to see it where it is today. I believe the sport would benefit from a fresh face, a new look, a new attitude because it's getting dragged down from the past and that's unfortunate."