Peter Fleming reckons it would be hard for tennis players to get away with taking performance-enhancing drugs

Last Updated: 01/11/12 9:11am

Murray: the world number three wants more out-of-competition drug tests

Sky Sports' Peter Fleming reckons the arduous nature of the ATP Tour would make it extremely difficult for any player to get away with doping.

"If drug testing is required to show everybody that tennis is clean, as I think it generally is, then do it."

Peter Fleming

Andy Murray stated on Tuesday that he thinks more out-of-competition drugs tests should be conducted to ensure that tennis remains clean, following the Lance Armstrong scandal that has rocked the world of cycling.

Fleming says more players could be checked in the off-season in December, but believes the anti-doping system within the sport is already strong - and very difficult to evade.

"It is very difficult in tennis because you are playing pretty much every day so to get away with a long training block of about three or four months just doesn't happen," the former Wimbledon and US Open men's doubles champion told Sky Sports News.


"We have seen so many quotes over the last couple of years from the top players saying it (the regularity of drug testing) is just too much.

"They say they have to give their whereabouts at every hour of every day and can't just disappear for a three-day holiday and that you have to be on call 365 days a year. I can see where there is that argument and that the workings could be improved - but Andy (Murray) makes a good point.

"If (drug testing) is required to show everybody that tennis is clean, as I think it generally is, then do it, though it is interesting as it is not in Andy's best interest from a lifestyle perspective. You could test more people in the one-month off-season and that would fill in any gaps."

The season-ending ATP World Tour Finals begin at the O2 Arena on Monday, with reigning Olympic and US Open champion Murray aiming to win the event for the first time. Make sure you catch all the action on Sky Sports HD.