Get Involved in Korfball

Korfball : a superior sport to basketball and netball?

Last Updated: 19/10/12 10:31am

This weeks 'Get Involved' focuses on the Dutch game, Korfball.

If you fancy getting involved in a sport where male and female players can compete together, then Korfball might be right up your street.

Sky Sports News found out more about this mixed gender team sport where players of both sexes work together in the same sections to try and score goals.

"I truly believe anyone can play the sport because fo the nature of the game with no positions. I don't think anything like height or gender affects whether you can play the game or not," said England Korfball's Ben King.

We visited the Scottish Korfball Association at Edinburgh University and England Korfball to discover why the sport has grown so much that it is now played in 57 countries worldwide.

Here are few basics...

- The main aim of korfball is to score a goal into a moulded basket on top of a 3.5metre post.

- You cannot run with or dribble the ball, and you cannot take the ball from your opponent. Co-operation is key!

- The other team will try and stop you scoring via one on one marking and positioning rather than strength. You can't shoot when an opponent is nearby and actively trying to stop you.

It all results in a fast-paced and dynamic game. A quick mind and quick feet will take you a long way.

But whatever you do don't mistake it for basketball or netball!

"A lot of people do think it is like netball or basketball but in my opnion it is not like either," said England under-23 Korfball manager Sam Wells said. "You are not restricted to a set position or a certain area of the court like you are in netball. Korfball is a much better spectator sport because it is not stop start."

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