German Masters results

January 30-February 3, Tempodrom, Berlin

Last Updated: 03/02/13 10:51pm

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A Carter (Eng) 9-6 M Fu (HK)


A Carter (Eng) 6-2 N Robertson (Aus)
M Fu (Hkg) 6-4 B Hawkins (Eng)


Carter (Eng) 5-2 M Holt (Eng)
M Fu (Hkg) 5-3 M Stevens (Wal)
N Robertson (Aus) 5-4 S Murphy (Eng)
B Hawkins (Eng) 5-1 M Selby (Eng)

Fourth round

N Robertson (Aus) 5-1 A Higginson (Eng)
B Hawkins (Eng) 5-1 M Allen (NIrl)
M Holt (Eng) 5-3 K Maflin (Eng)
M Stevens (Wal) 5-4 M King (Eng)
M Selby (Eng) 5-3 D Junhui (Chn)
A Carter (Eng) 5-2 A Hamilton (Eng)
S Murphy (Eng) 5-4 G Dott (Sco)
M Fu (HK) 5-3 P Lines (Eng)

Third round

A Higginson (Eng) 5-1 S Bingham (Eng)
A Carter (Eng) 5-3 F Patrick (Sco)
K Maflin (Eng) 5-4 X Guodong (Chn)
B Hawkins (Eng) 5-2 D Poomjaeng (Tha)
M Stevens (Wal) 5-1 J Burnett (Eng)
M Selby (Eng) 5-2 J Perry (Eng)
D Junhui (Chn) 5-0 M Campbell (Eng)
M Holt (Eng) 5-1 M Williams (Wal)
M Allen (NIrl) 5-2 D Dale (Wal)
M Fu (Hkg) 5-3 R Walden (Eng)
M King (Eng) 5-0 S Maguire (Sco)
N Robertson (Aus) 5-1 M Wasley (Eng)
S Murphy (Eng) 5-3 R Milkins (Eng)
G Dott (Sco) 5-3 D Harold (Eng)
A Hamilton (Eng) 5-4 J Trump (Eng)
P Lines (Eng) bt K Doherty (Irl) 5-3

Second round

P Lines (Eng) 5-3 J Higgins (Sco)
S Maguire (Sco) 5-3 A McManus (Sco)
M Williams (Wal) 5-1 M O'Donnell (Eng)
S Murphy (Eng) 5-1 Ben Woolaston (Eng)
M Allen (NIrl) 5-2 N Bond (Eng)
D Dale (Wal) 5-3 J White (Eng)
D Junhui (Chn) 5-4 L Chuang (Chn)
N Robertson (Aus) 5-0 D Wells (Wal)
M Selby (Eng) 5-2 T Un-Nooh (Tha)
A Hamilton (Eng) 5-0 J Cope (Eng)
F Patrick (Sco) 5-1 M Gould (Eng)
A Carter (Eng) 5-0 R McLeod (Eng)
X Guodong (Chn) 5-2 M Davis (Eng)
K Maflin (Eng) 5-1 T Ford (Eng)
M Holt (Eng) 5-1 T Pengfei (Chn)
M Wasley (Eng) 5-3 P Ebdon (Eng)
A Higginson (Eng) 5-4 A Zhang (Chn)
D Harold (Eng) 5-4 R Day (Wal)
G Dott (Sco) 5-3 L Wenbo (Chn)
S Bingham (Eng) 5-1 R Lawler (Eng)
R Milkins (Eng) 5-4 C Zhe (Chn)
K Doherty (Irl) 5-4 A Duffy (Eng)
M Fu (Hkg) 5-4 M Selt (Eng)
R Walden (Eng) 5-3 A Burden (Eng)
M Stevens (Wal) 5-3 P Advani (Ind)
J Burnett (Eng) 5-4 M Joyce (Eng)
M King (Eng) 5-3 B Pinches (Eng)
D Poomjaeng (Tha) 5-2 F O'Brien (Irl)
B Hawkins (Eng) 5-0 S Baird (Eng)
M Campbell (Sco) 5-3 J Jones (Wal)
J Perry (Eng) 5-0 S Bedford (Eng)
J Trump (Eng) 5-4 J Wattana (Tha)

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Snooker: German Masters 2013

Ali Carter: Essex potter is chasing the third world ranking title of his career in Berlin

Carter to face Fu in Berlin

Ali Carter will take on Marco Fu in the final of the German Masters after seeing off Neil Robertson 6-2 in Berlin.

Barry Hawkins: knocked out the world number one in the quarter-finals

Hawkins stuns Selby in Berlin

Mark Selby saw his bid to win the Betfair German Masters ended at the quarter-final stage by Barry Hawkins.

Marco Fu: finished off 5-3 win over Peter Lines with break of 80

Hard Lines for veteran potter

Peter Lines saw his run at the Betfair German Masters come to an end when he fell to Marco Fu in the last 16.

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