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A testing day

After a day getting his bearings, day two saw Louis Persent undergo a few tests and begin training at MJP in Dallas...

Last Updated: 21/11/13 9:49am

Louis Persent tries out the Normatec compression therapy at MJP in Dallas

Louis Persent tries out the Normatec compression therapy at MJP in Dallas

My first day of training has been great.

The day started with a quick tour of the centre and introductions to the team here. It's an impressive facility for training, medical treatment and rehab. Having both side by side is a great resource. There are pro football, NFL and tennis players here and even Jeremy Wariner dropped in for some treatment and training.

First up was an assessment of functional movement: things like balance, core strength, flexibility and muscular control. I then met the physiotherapist here, who took a fresh look at the Achilles injury and my general physiology.

It's great to find out my strengths but more importantly it's vital to be aware of the weaknesses. The rest of my time here will be about eliminating these weaknesses and imbalances and putting in place a plan I can take back home which will help me train smarter.

Lorenzo Vite's assessment also gave us the all clear to do some more explosive tests based around jumps and plyometrics. To perform the tests with no pain has been a big boost as it really shows the Achilles is able to deal with a substantial amount of force. I then hopped into the ice bath before Tony, Ralph and I headed to get some lunch.

In the afternoon I warmed up in the hot pool, saw Lorenzo for some treatment and then started work with Lindsey Anderson, the trainer leading my sessions whilst I'm here.

This involved exercises to help correct the issues flagged up in the morning and a simple warm up to get into a routine ready for the rest of my time here. Finally, I headed back into the hot and cold pools for some contrast bathing and then tried out Normatec compression therapy - basically some big compression socks which contract in a set sequence to help flush out your legs.

So I'm now writing this update feeling pretty tired after a long day at the centre but feeling optimistic about my remaining time here. I also grabbed dinner at my coach's favourite restaurant PF Chang's which lived up to the hype!