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Graeme McDowell

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- Ahead of his debut in 2008 McDowell is asked what advice the senior players have given him ahead of hitting his opening tee shot.

I was kind of brought up on matchplay. When I get in the mix, I just kind of get the old feelings back. I really enjoy the pressure. You know, it's different pressure from having a card on your pocket and another guy hitting shots there, as well. It frees you up and you can be a little more aggressive.

- McDowell explains what it is about the format which brings out the best in him in 2008.

I got asked earlier to compare the back nine on Sunday at Pebble Beach (when I won the US Open) to how I felt out there today, and I can safely say, that I've never felt that nervous on a golf course in my life before. We kind of said that we weren't going to check leaderboards, the guys playing down the order were not going to focus on what was going on out there. But the screens by every green were quite big, and it was kind of tough to not notice.

- McDowell talks about the pressure of being the man who won the Ryder Cup in 2010.

The emotions surrounding this golf tournament are extremely different from anything else. Golf is a very individual and very selfish sport. We play for ourselves week-in, week-out. When it comes to this week, it's different. I have 11 team-mates beside me here who give me the opportunity to do what I did this afternoon. Without them, I don't do what I did.

- McDowell pays tribute to his team-mates after the dramatic win in 2010.