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All change for Play-offs

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Leeds: 2008 Super League Champions

Leeds: 2008 Super League Champions

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2009 sees a new expanded play-off structure which means that the teams finishing from first to fourth can lose in week one of the play-offs and still get a second chance.

No team will have week one off as all eight of the qualifying teams will take part. The teams in first and second will play at home against the sides in third and fourth, with the two winners advancing straight to week three whilst the losers will get a second chance in week two.

The teams in fifth and sixth will host seventh and eighth in a sudden death play-off. The winners will face the two losing teams from the top four.

It is in week three where the coach's choice element comes into play. The highest placed team remaining in the competition will get to choose their opponents from the winners of week two.

The remaining two teams will meet in the other semi-final, with the highest placed side having home advantage.

The winners will meet in the final at Old Trafford.

2009 Super League Playoff Fixtures

Week One: Qualifying play-off (QPO) one - 1st v 4th (winner receives a bye to week three)

Qualifying play-off two - 2nd v 3rd (winner receives a bye to week three)

Elimination play-off (EPO) one - 5th v 8th (loser goes out)

Elimination play-off two - 6th v 7th (loser goes out)

Week Two: (highest placed side will play lowest placed side as above)

Preliminary semi-final (PSF)one - highest placed QPO loser v lowest placed EPO winner (loser goes out)

Preliminary semi-final two - lowest placed QPO loser v highest placed EPO winner (loser goes out)

Week Three: (highest placed side remaining will choose opponent)

Qualifying semi-final one (QSF) - highest placed side v chosen opponent

Qualifying semi-final two - highest placed side not chosen v lowest placed side not chosen

Week Four: Grand Final

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