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  • Blaine Wright

Date Pos Horse SP Course Dist Going Class Jockey
23/8/2014 1/6 Del Siete Leguas (USA) Emer 6f Leslie Mawing
18/8/2014 2/7 Seeking The Light (USA) Emer 6f Leslie Mawing
16/8/2014 1/7 Image In The Moon (USA) Emer 5f Ronald Richard
10/8/2014 1/6 Almosttoomuchfun (USA) Emer 6f Leslie Mawing
9/8/2014 4/6 Jack The Pirate (USA) Emer 8f Rocco Bowen
3/8/2014 3/5 Rocky's Quest (USA) Emer 8f Rocco Bowen
2/8/2014 3/6 Wanagi (USA) Emer 5f Juan Gutierrez
28/7/2014 3/6 Seeking The Light (USA) Emer 6f Felipe Valdez
28/7/2014 2/7 Can't Get Enough (USA) Emer 8f Leslie Mawing
27/7/2014 2/5 Beautranda (USA) Emer 6f Felipe Valdez
26/7/2014 4/7 Point Da Harbor (USA) Emer 6f Gallyn Mitchell
26/7/2014 1/7 Won Won Oh Five (USA) 8/5 Emer 6f Juan Gutierrez
26/7/2014 1/8 Sthenios (USA) Emer 6f Ronald Richard