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  • IV Henry Worcester,

Date Pos Horse SP Course Dist Going Class Jockey
24/10/2014 1/7 Run To The Limit (USA) Penn 8f Cecily Evans
17/10/2014 3/7 Sarasota Empress (USA) Penn 5f Cecily Evans
17/10/2014 2/7 Gallagher's Pride (USA) Penn 5f Cecily Evans
17/10/2014 4/9 Grumpshergranny (USA) Char 7f Carlos Castro
16/10/2014 4/7 Miss Andorra (USA) Dela 8f Fray Martinez
11/10/2014 2/8 Luv U So Bad (USA) Dela 7f Harry Bannister
2/10/2014 3/7 Captainofindustry (USA) Char 4f Carlos Castro
28/9/2014 2/10 Gallagher's Pride (USA) Char 6f Carlos Castro
27/9/2014 2/8 Sarasota Empress (USA) Char 7f Carlos Castro
27/9/2014 4/10 Surprise Attack (USA) Char 7f Carlos Castro