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  • Randy Nunley

Date Pos Horse SP Course Dist Going Class Jockey
13/9/2014 2/6 Storm Troupour (USA) Dela 6f Juan Torres
11/9/2014 2/7 Penny's Chime (USA) Dela 8f Fray Martinez
10/9/2014 4/6 Big Dog Daddy (USA) Dela 6f Juan Torres
10/9/2014 4/5 Imperial Smile (USA) Dela 5f Juan Torres
10/9/2014 2/5 Impressive Roberto (USA) Dela 5f Ricardo Chiappe
9/9/2014 2/8 Dreamin Of Bucks (USA) Phil 7f Dana Whitney
3/9/2014 4/6 In High Cotton (USA) Dela 5f Michael Ritvo
1/9/2014 1/8 Quick And Rich (USA) Dela 10f Victor Carrasco
1/9/2014 3/8 Rb Champagne Taste (USA) Dela 10f Juan Torres
1/9/2014 4/8 Rb Rich (USA) Dela 10f Ricardo Chiappe
30/8/2014 4/7 Rb Frynch Broad (USA) Dela 8f Juan Torres
27/8/2014 1/7 Penny's Chime (USA) Dela 8f Juan Torres
21/8/2014 2/9 Royal L. S. (USA) Dela 7f Alex Cintron
21/8/2014 2/6 Chili Bean (USA) Dela 8f Alex Cintron
20/8/2014 4/6 Big Dog Daddy (USA) Dela 6f Juan Torres