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  • Donell Blake

Date Pos Ride SP Course Dist Going Class Trainer
13/7/2014 4/10 Danny De Joe (USA) Delt 1f Ray Robbins
12/7/2014 3/10 Citation (USA) Delt 2f Elroy Potts
12/7/2014 1/10 Agoutaduke (USA) Delt 1f Kenneth Roberts
12/7/2014 1/10 B And G Fast Dash (USA) Delt 1f Kenneth Roberts
12/7/2014 1/7 Steel Together (USA) Delt 3f Ray Robbins
11/7/2014 1/10 Ugetdatlook (USA) Delt 1f Kenneth Roberts
11/7/2014 3/8 Hold My Halo Boys (USA) Delt 1f Ray Robbins
11/7/2014 3/8 Royal Blue Miracle (USA) Delt 3f Kenneth Roberts
11/7/2014 1/9 Bay Bar Casino (USA) Delt 1f Kenneth Roberts
10/7/2014 4/9 Running Viper (USA) Delt 2f Phillip Calais
10/7/2014 4/10 Thisfeatures Special (USA) Delt 2f Elroy Potts
10/7/2014 1/10 Dd Gold Digger (USA) Delt 1f Roy Roberts
6/7/2014 3/8 Fly Free Special (USA) Delt 3f Ray Robbins
5/7/2014 2/9 Swampalicious (USA) Delt 1f Kenneth Roberts
5/7/2014 2/7 Dunn Gone Western (USA) Delt 3f Anthony Arey
3/7/2014 3/10 Deep Down Patriot (USA) Delt 1f Phillip Calais
3/7/2014 3/10 Nl Cash Magic (USA) Delt 1f Doug Weeks
29/6/2014 2/8 Hiclass Kisses (USA) Delt 1f Ray Robbins
28/6/2014 1/6 Mucho Corona (USA) Delt 1f Kenneth Roberts
28/6/2014 2/7 Chico Is In Love (USA) Delt 3f Donald Rubin
27/6/2014 2/8 Call Of Duty (USA) Delt 1f Larry Kopycinski
27/6/2014 1/8 Mr La Jollas Game (USA) Delt 3f Phillip Calais
27/6/2014 1/6 Gold Streak (USA) Delt 3f Ray Robbins
26/6/2014 1/8 Blue Express (USA) Delt 1f Roy Roberts
26/6/2014 2/7 Dana Jess Callme (USA) Delt 3f Kenneth Roberts