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  • Edwin Rivera

Date Pos Ride SP Course Dist Going Class Trainer
18/4/2014 2/5 Trytoloveagain (USA) Penn 8f Jr Louis Linder,
18/4/2014 3/6 Sportacular (USA) Penn 6f Jr Louis Linder,
12/4/2014 2/7 Middle Of The Nite (USA) Phil 8f Guadalupe Preciado
11/4/2014 3/8 If I Win Thelotto (USA) Penn 8f Alejandro Reyes
7/4/2014 2/7 Myth Master (USA) Phil 6f Jr Louis Linder,
6/4/2014 3/7 Escrow Kid (USA) Phil 8f Carl Doran
6/4/2014 2/7 Aly's Gatto (USA) Phil 7f Alejandro Reyes
6/4/2014 4/6 Creswell Bay (USA) Phil 8f Jr Louis Linder,
6/4/2014 1/5 Ms. Pickford (USA) Phil 6f Jr Louis Linder,
1/4/2014 4/6 Mr. Dithers (USA) Phil 6f Suzanne Jenkins
31/3/2014 4/6 Reaching Out (USA) Phil 7f Patricia Farro
30/3/2014 2/7 Easter Glory (USA) Phil 8f Patricia Farro
29/3/2014 4/8 Bridled Energy (USA) Penn 8f Lisa Guerrero
25/3/2014 4/6 Forest Meadow (USA) Phil 6f Michael Moore
25/3/2014 1/6 Lemon Strudel (USA) Phil 5f Suzanne Jenkins
23/3/2014 4/6 Time Walker (USA) Phil 6f Jr Louis Linder,
23/3/2014 4/7 Myth Master (USA) Phil 8f Jr Louis Linder,
23/3/2014 1/7 Trytoloveagain (USA) Phil 8f Jr Louis Linder,
22/3/2014 2/6 All About Avery (USA) Phil 7f Jr Louis Linder,