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  • David Garcia

Date Pos Ride SP Course Dist Going Class Trainer
27/11/2014 4/5 Clementis (USA) Wood 6f Alison Crook
20/11/2014 5/13 Drop To Pop (USA) Wood 6f Mark Fournier
20/11/2014 3/11 Lady Madeleine (USA) Wood 7f Ricky Griffith
20/11/2014 1/5 Lady Of Moray (USA) Wood 5f Ricky Griffith
19/11/2014 1/7 Zebrano (USA) Wood 5f Ricky Griffith
16/11/2014 4/7 Eastern Atlantic (USA) Wood 7f Ricky Griffith
15/11/2014 4/13 No Risk No Reward (USA) Wood 7f Lorna Carston
8/11/2014 4/10 Itwontgobad (USA) Wood 5f Ricky Griffith
6/11/2014 2/10 Lady Madeleine (USA) Wood 5f Ricky Griffith
31/10/2014 3/10 Six Inch Heels (USA) Wood 7f Ricky Griffith
30/10/2014 5/13 What Next (USA) Wood 7f Ricky Griffith