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  • Gilbert Ortiz

Date Pos Ride SP Course Dist Going Class Trainer
13/7/2014 4/10 Lethal First Prize (USA) Delt 1f Randy Hebert
13/7/2014 4/10 Political Option (USA) Delt 2f Kenneth Roberts
12/7/2014 4/10 So Tough So Game (USA) Delt 2f Larry Kopycinski
12/7/2014 1/10 The Ground Game (USA) Delt 1f Kenneth Roberts
11/7/2014 1/9 Heza Jess In Time (USA) Delt 1f Randy Hebert
11/7/2014 3/9 Got My Shine On (USA) Delt 1f Randy Hebert
10/7/2014 1/10 Lori Dee Free (USA) Delt 1f Kenneth Roberts
10/7/2014 4/10 Rl Sheza Fast Fun (USA) Delt 1f Lloyd Holland
6/7/2014 2/10 The Eagle Express (USA) Delt 1f Larry Kopycinski
6/7/2014 1/8 Jls Louisiana Okie (USA) Delt 1f Kenneth Roberts
5/7/2014 2/8 Mr Fallen Angel (USA) Delt 2f Randy Hebert
5/7/2014 1/8 Ladies Fast Cash (USA) Delt 1f Randy Hebert
3/7/2014 2/6 Chicharito Dash (USA) Delt 1f Justin Dehart
3/7/2014 3/9 Miscallaneous Income (USA) Delt 1f Randy Hebert
29/6/2014 3/10 Dashin Brown Streak (USA) Delt 1f Matias Lopez
29/6/2014 1/10 Okie Belle (USA) Delt 2f Roy Roberts
27/6/2014 1/8 Voncitas Game (USA) Delt 1f Edwin Ladner
27/6/2014 4/8 Ms Shinin Beduino (USA) Delt 1f Ray Mayo
27/6/2014 1/10 Strong Guns (USA) Delt 1f Ray Mayo