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  • Nick Webb

Date Pos Ride SP Course Dist Going Class Trainer
27/7/2014 2/9 Gold Book (USA) Fort 8f John Cardella
26/7/2014 3/7 Cool Luke (USA) Wood 10f Don Pleterski
24/7/2014 4/14 Hennessy Dave (USA) Wood 6f John Ross
22/7/2014 1/6 Solo Player (USA) Fort 6f W Armata
20/7/2014 2/6 Summer On The Lawn (USA) Fort 8f Josie Carroll
20/7/2014 4/6 Twisted Angel (USA) Fort 5f Noel Williams
18/7/2014 1/10 Mar To The Max (USA) Wood 7f Sam Di Pasquale
15/7/2014 3/6 Green Forester (USA) Fort 6f John Cardella
13/7/2014 4/7 Gold Book (USA) Fort 8f John Cardella
13/7/2014 1/7 Wind Charm (USA) Fort 5f John Cardella
5/7/2014 4/9 Dbl Barrel Reserve (USA) Wood 7f Margaret Denney
5/7/2014 1/6 Danish Princess (USA) Wood 5f Roger Laurin
4/7/2014 1/7 Solo Player (USA) Wood 7f John Cardella