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  • Bradley Wilson

Date Pos Ride SP Course Dist Going Class Trainer
8/7/2014 4/6 Whispered Legend (USA) Fort 5f Ken Albu
6/7/2014 3/8 Catch the Luck (USA) Fort 7f Kevin Buttigieg
6/7/2014 2/5 All Of Olives Love (USA) Fort 6f Kevin Buttigieg
6/7/2014 1/7 Tiz Today (USA) Fort 5f Gary Chudobiak
2/7/2014 5/8 Lord Of Essa (USA) Fort 6f Julie Robillard
1/7/2014 3/5 Quarterback (USA) Fort 6f Alan Bird
29/6/2014 2/5 King Rock (USA) Fort 6f Steven Cathcart
24/6/2014 1/5 Whispered Legend (USA) Fort 6f Ken Albu
22/6/2014 3/6 Tiz Today (USA) Fort 8f Gary Chudobiak
17/6/2014 2/5 Golden Tune (USA) Fort 8f Nathan Squires