Perri aims for the top

Shakes-Drayton aims for the top

Last Updated: 02/11/11 5:40pm

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Perri Shakes-Drayton believes her Sky Sports Scholarship can help her become the best in the world.

"I want to be the best in the world and I'm going to train as hard as I can."
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The British star, who specialises in the 400m hurdles, has been tipped by her coach Chris Zah to become one of the top three in the world in her event.

Sky Sports has announced that Shakes-Drayton is to receive a scholarship to assist her funding for coaching, training and competition - and with that financial backing, she believes her coach's prediction will come true.

"Usually the predictions that he makes are accurate," she told Sky Sports News.

"As much as he's saying it, I want to be the best in the world and I'm going to train as hard as I can and thanks to the Sky Sports scholarship I can get there.

"I train every day at Mile End. That's my home track and you'll catch me there every day, mornings and evenings.

"Most sessions last for two hours and there's about 20 other athletes, most of them guys that I train with, and they push me through and we push each other."


The scholarship funding will be targeted at the specific training and competition needs of each individual athlete and Shakes-Drayton is clear about where it will help her.

She says it will pay for her coaching fees and access to the best sports nutrition products, as well as helping to cover the costs of travel to and from training and to both British and international competitions.

She added: "Getting to training, that costs money. I need to eat well and that means food that's more expensive, so it will cover the costs for that.

"It also helps getting to competitions in and around the UK. Petrol is expensive these days, so it will help a lot."

And given her incredible success at last year's UK Trial, when she achieved a historic 400m double, she has every chance of going on to achieve her goals.

"I won the 400m and the 400m hurdles, which has never been done by a British athlete," she explained.

"It was my coach's idea. He's the one who thinks of these crazy ideas and when he first told me, initially I was like: 'Are you sure?'

"But he had faith in me. He said I'd done the hard work, so I went to the trials and I came home with two gold medals."

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