WWE Slam City: John Cena, Alberto Del Rio and more forced to get proper jobs

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Last Updated: 31/03/14 4:39pm

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Del Rio: from wrestling expert to coffeehouse barista

Del Rio: from wrestling expert to coffeehouse barista

Things are going pretty swimmingly for the WWE Superstars in real life - but not so much in the world of animation.

In new show WWE Slam City, a host of grapplers are fired by a mysterious masked man called The Finisher and forced to get 'proper' jobs to in order to make a living.

Fresh episodes hit skysports.com every Monday, but you can keep up to date with how your favourite wrestlers are faring in Slam City with our ever-expanding archive below...


Episode 3 - Big Show & John Cena

In Slam City Episode 1 we saw John Cena pick up a new job as a car mechanic. He showed he can tackle a tyre change and jazz up bodywork - but what's his customer relations like? The answer is 'not great', if this is anything to go by... In the latest episode Cena is visited by a BIG customer with a BIG problem. Big Show can't fit into his car - however, The Champ is less than sympathetic. Instead, his smart remarks lead to the pair doing battle in a squared circle made of jump leads, with exhaust pipes, batteries and bumpers all coming in handy as the pair scrap - before Cena finds a novel way of fitting The World's Largest Athlete into his car.

Episode 2 - Alberto Del Rio

Mexico's Greatest Export took to being a coffeehouse barista like a duck to water, with his strength with a whisk ensuring he could make customers' drinks extremely frothy. Unfortunately, Damien Sandow likes his beverages a certain way and was far from amused at how much foam - he really hates foam - had topped his liquid refreshment. The Duke of Decency responded by hurling coffee sludge all over Del Rio's face, leading to a monumental food fight - but it was the aforementioned whisk and a net-wielding civilian that ultimately came to Alberto's rescue...

Episode 1 - John Cena

John Cena has won 14 world championships and beaten the likes of The Rock, Triple H, Randy Orton, Batista and Kurt Angle - but can he change a tyre, fix an oil spill, or jazz up a vehicle's bodywork? Those questions were answered when the West Newbury native took up a job as a mechanic, and stunned his grumpy supervisor with the speed and quality of his work. In a much better mood after seeing what Cena was able to accomplish, the Chain Gang Soldier's boss had one more task for him - find him a girlfriend - but he had to make do with a face wash instead.

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