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Great Britain and England women's hockey coach Jason Lee gives Sky Sports an inside view of the star players to keep an eye on in 2013

Last Updated: 03/06/13 11:53am

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Jason Lee: Has taken over England and Great Britain's women's teams after almost 10 years with the men

Jason Lee: Has taken over England and Great Britain's women's teams after almost 10 years with the men

After winning bronze at the 2012 London Olympics, hopes will be high for British women's hockey in the coming years.

'Great Start' programme

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But who are the players we should be keeping an eye on?

As part of Gillette's 'Great Start' programme, which celebrates the role of coaching, new Great Britain and England women's hockey coach Jason Lee gives Sky Sports a few tips on the names to monitor in the coming years.

Lily Owsley, Susie Gilbert, Kate Walsh, Maddie Hinch and Sophie Bray all feature and Lee explains their strengths and what we can expect from them in the future.

It is important to have a blend of youth and experience in any side and Lee thinks big things can be expected from all five players in 2013 and beyond.

Lily Owsley

She has just turned 18 and is completing her A Levels at the moment. But she looks like she is going to jump straight from the Under 18s and into the senior squad. She is an athlete. She comes from a middle distance running background and has been trying to combine athletics and hockey. But I think she will find very soon that, as her hockey progresses, she will have to choose one or the other. I hope she will choose hockey. But she is a really exciting talent in terms of goalscoring and carrying the ball.

Susie Gilbert

At one point, she was being mentioned in the ranks of the Junior World Player of the Year. Unfortunately, Susie missed 2012's Olympics and over the last couple of years has had a string of hand injuries. She broke her thumb twice in a row. She was out for 18 months and so was not involved enough to make the London Olympics. But she is certainly an exceptional talent and we are hopeful she will prove the class she was considered in a few years ago is still the case now.

Kate Walsh

She is one of the most iconic players in hockey. She was the captain at the London Olympics and she broke her cheekbone in Game One. But she came back to play later in the tournament and led them to the bronze medal. Kate is 33 now, although she still looks, runs and has an attitude like she is a teenager. She has got a beginner's mind-set. If she wanted, she could play for another 40 years. She will certainly be integral to how the team do in the next few years.

Maddie Hinch

Maddie is stepping in to be the No.1 goalkeeper for England and Great Britain after Beth Storry's retirement. She plays a different type of goalkeeper to Beth. Maddie is a much more agile goalkeeper. She is out and about in the circle. When I watch her play, she looks like she should have played high-level football. She has got such great agility and such good use of her feet. There will be lots of images of her diving to save shots from the top corner. I do not care how she stops the ball as long as she does!

Sophie Bray

She has just turned 22 and lives and plays in Holland. She plays in the top hockey league in Holland. In hockey, Holland is the place to be. Hockey is basically a professional sport and is one of the main sports in Holland. She is considered the best player at her club and one of the best players in her league. For one reason or another, she was not involved in the London Olympics build-up. I think she will be recognised very quickly around the world as a high-level player with an eye for goal.

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