UFC Fight Night: Britain's Michael Bisping vows to make Tim Kennedy pay for comments

By James Dielhenn.   Last Updated: 15/04/14 5:08pm

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Michael Bisping: Ready for grudge match with Tim Kennedy

Michael Bisping: Ready for grudge match with Tim Kennedy

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Michael Bisping has dismissed the upcoming challenge of Tim Kennedy by claiming “he wants to absorb all of the hard work I’ve done over the years”.

The Lancastrian competes in a highly-charged duel with his American counterpart on Wednesday night at The Ultimate Fighter Nations Finale in Quebec City, Canada, after months of trading insults.

The vitriol peaked at Monday’s face-off with the mutual dislike palpable.

Bisping told Sky Sports: “It’s been one-sided abuse and I’m going to make him pay for every stupid comment and every stupid look.

"He’s two foot tall, he’s ugly and he can’t fight. He should get a job as a garden gnome."
Michael Bisping on Tim Kennedy

“He’s in the spotlight because of me. He’ll never headline again. He wants more Twitter followers.”

The 35-year-old is a UFC veteran and is certain that his former military opponent – who has fought just twice in the organisation – wants to emulate his career.

“He’s trying to get ahead in life, make a name for himself, and I understand that,” Bisping continued.

“I’ve been in the UFC nearly 10 years, all of my fights are main-events, I’m highly paid, well compensated and he wants that.

“He wants to absorb all of the hard work that I’ve done over the years. Unfortunately, Tim Kennedy is boring and has no charisma. It’s like having a conversation with my dad, every two minutes he says ‘during the war!’

“He’s two foot tall, he’s ugly and he can’t fight. He should get a job as a garden gnome.”


But Bisping insists he is just responding to Kennedy’s social media attacks that will result in Wednesday’s fight.

“I’ve never met Tim Kennedy. I’m dying to see him just to look at him. I’ve been looking in the hotel for him, I never knew who he was.

“I’m emotional.  99 per cent of the UFC fighters are nice guys and I would say that I respect them. But I would rather have that venom and aggression organically and I’ve got that with Tim.

“I thrive on this. I never want to hear my name and his name in the same sentence again.”

England’s premiere MMA star concluded by claiming that after a year on the shelf dealing with a serious eye injury Chris Weidman’s 185-pound championship is in his sights.

“I’ve won eight of my last 10 fights after I beat him. I bring excitement. I want two more fights this year and I want to end it with the belt – the first British champion.”

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