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Ahead of London 2012 we asked a range of personalities to let us know what the Olympics means to them. Sky Sports boxing expert and former world champion Glenn McCrory reflects on his Olympic memories and tells us what events he's looking forward to seeing this summer.

Who would you class as the greatest Olympian of all time?

I think the greatest Olympian of all time was my friend, the late TeĆ³filo Stevenson. He was a three-time heavyweight champion in the Olympics (1972, 76, and 80) and, in my opinion, that would have been four without a boycott (in 1984).

A lot of people have said the greatest amateur of all time is Guillermo Rigondeaux, who is fighting now, but I think Teofilo would have to be the greatest. He had pictures in his house of all his great Olympic moments when he knocked out Duane Bobick and John Tate, a man who would later become a heavyweight champion in the professional ranks.

Teofilo was very talented and a specimen of a man; he had a terrific right-hand and could poleaxe anyone if he hit them right. There was a time when people talked about him facing Muhammad Ali. That would have been quite something...

What are your favourite Olympics memories?

For me, it was the run the American boxers had in the 1976 Games in Montreal. I remember seeing Sugar Ray Leonard and Howard Edward Davis Jr. win gold. It was a great Olympics and the Americans haven't had anything like it since. It was at a time when America ruled the world of boxing. I was only a kid but seeing so many greats perform really inspired me.

Whate are you looking forward to seeing at London 2012?

I'm looking forward to seeing Anthony Joshua boxing in the super heavyweight division for Britain. I've met him and he is a lovely kid. He's done superbly well in his career so far and at 21, he is still a youngster. He is a great size and is working ever so hard to achieve success.

But I also think there will be quite a lot of heroes. I will be watching the Cuban boxing team closely because I've had quite a lot to do with them. They trained in Gateshead last year and I think they're coming to Newcastle to prepare because of me.

It's going to be a great time for boxing, but also other sports. I'm from Newcastle so I was brought up on athletics and looked up to distance runners like Steve Cram, Steve Ovett, Sebastian Coe, Mike McLeod and Brendan Foster. I'm excited to see how our track and field stars get on in London. I'll be at the Olympics, too - if I can get my media accreditation sorted!

If you were to enter the Olympics, which event would you choose and why? (you can't pick your own sport!)

I was a district and county sprinter before I took up boxing and was county champion at the 100metres. I wouldn't have minded lining up in the 100metre final and going on to win gold!

Do you think the legacy of London 2012 will be of benefit to sport?

I think it will create a legacy for all sport in this country. It will get people interested and it is up to fans to get behind our stars, push them, back them, support them and make London 2012 one of the great Olympics of all time and something that can drive British sport forward.