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Ahead of London 2012 we asked a range of personalities to let us know what the Olympics means to them. World golf No 1 Luke Donald reveals how he'll be watching the games and who he considers the greatest Olympian of all-time...

"I know as a kid I enjoyed watching the Olympics and there would be nothing greater as an individual to win a gold medal."
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Do you have any favourite Olympic or Paralympic memories?

I've always enjoyed the 100 metres, I don't know why because it's over in 10 seconds! But Carl Lewis when I was a young kid - I probably watched more Olympics as a young kid - when he was in his prime.

Who would you class as the greatest Olympian of all time?

Well he's (Lewis) got to be up there, but being a bit biased and being English I have to go for Sir Steve Redgrave. To win five Olympic gold medals over a 20-year period - that's incredible, especially in a sport which demands that much fitness.

It's a pretty busy time of year the end of July to the beginning of August for golfers, but how much of London 2012 will you be able to see?

Hopefully I'll be able to see a decent amount of it. Obviously being in the US I'll be able to catch a lot of it in the mornings when it comes on. That's kind of a busy time of the year as I'll be playing the WGC, the Bridgestone and the PGA will be kind of around that time, but hopefully I can catch up in the mornings, watch a few events and then head off to the course.

We've got golf coming up in the Olympics in 2016, do you think the legacy from London 2012 will help fuel golf in the Olympics in the future?

Well I hope so. I hope it's a success in 2016. It's exciting for players and I hope it becomes a sport (in the Olympics) going forward and we can keep it around. I know as a kid I enjoyed watching the Olympics and there would be nothing greater as an individual to win a gold medal. I think you've always wanted that chance and hopefully I'll have that chance in four years' time.

If you were to enter the Olympics, which event would you choose and why... (you can't have golf)?

What would I enter? I don't know. I quite fancy myself as either a short distance runner; 100 or 200 metres, or maybe a little bit of table tennis? I love watching those guys go at it, that's just fun. It is in the Olympics isn't it!? Just checking!