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Seahawks open with Packers

Seahawks open with Packers

The Seattle Seahawks will open the defence of their Super Bowl crown with a Thursday night clash against Green Bay.

Cancer scare for Marrone

Cancer scare for Marrone

Doug Marrone will be fit to continue in his role as Buffalo Bills coach after having a cancerous mole removed.

Jaguars star forced to quit

Jaguars star forced to quit

Jacksonville Jaguars linebacker Russell Allen has been forced to announce his retirement at the age of just 27.

Sky Bet -

Super Bowl XLIX

Super Bowl XLIX

Sky Bet make Seattle Seahawks 11/2 favourites to defend their Super Bowl title.



  • Inside the Huddle

    Inside the Huddle

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    Under pressure

    In light of David Moyes' sacking, Alex Ferguson looks at 10 pressurised managerial jobs.

  • Super Bowl: Seattle Seahawks favourites for 2015 but can they dominate?

    Ministry of defence

    Seattle are early favourites to win next year's Super Bowl but can they build a lasting legacy in the NFL?


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    SSN Radio

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Experts & Columnists

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    The Fog of War

    Simon Veness reviews the "torturous" hype ahead of the NFL Draft and why it's so hard to predict.

  • NFL Draft: 'Jadeveon Clowney is first-class but attitude could derail him'

    Clowney's no joke

    US sports expert Alex Ferguson profiles Jadeveon Clowney, the biggest defensive pick of the draft.

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    A perfect union?

    Alex Ferguson looks at the possible unionisation of college football and how he would handle the issue.

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    Desperate deals?

    Simon Veness reviews a crazy week in the NFL's free agent frenzy, as sides splash out over $1bn.

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NFL Standings

  • AFC North

    Pos Team PCT
    1 Cincinnati .688
    2 Pittsburgh .500
    3 Baltimore .500
    4 Cleveland .250
  • AFC South

    Pos Team PCT
    1 Indianapolis .688
    2 Tennessee .438
    3 Jacksonville .250
    4 Houston .125
  • AFC East

    Pos Team PCT
    1 New England .750
    2 N Y Jets .500
    3 Miami .500
    4 Buffalo .375
  • AFC West

    Pos Team PCT
    1 Denver .813
    2 Kansas City .688
    3 San Diego .563
    4 Oakland .250
  • NFC North

    Pos Team PCT
    1 Green Bay .531
    2 Chicago .500
    3 Detroit .438
    4 Minnesota .344
  • NFC South

    Pos Team PCT
    1 Carolina .750
    2 New Orleans .688
    3 Atlanta .250
    4 Tampa Bay .250
  • NFC East

    Pos Team PCT
    1 Philadelphia .625
    2 Dallas .500
    3 N Y Giants .438
    4 Washington .188
  • NFC West

    Pos Team PCT
    1 Seattle .813
    2 San Francisco .750
    3 Arizona .625
    4 St. Louis .438