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Tell us your tales about grassroots sport in your area

Last Updated: 05/06/12 6:42am

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During Get Involved Week we want to hear YOUR views on the state of grassroots sport.

Get Involved Week

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One of the stated legacy objectives of the London 2012 Olympics was to get one million more adults playing sport - but Sport England have now given up on that target.

So we want your stories on the problems you face. Is enough being done by the sports clubs and authorities in your community to encourage participation?

Have you given up playing cricket because you couldn't get a game? Have you stopped swimming because your local pool has closed? Are there any other obstacles stopping you getting involved in sport?

And if you're a parent, why not share your thoughts on the state of sport in schools? And make sure you fill in our survey about school sports days

We also want your good news stories. Can you tell us about initiatives in your area that have made it easy to get involved? Is there a sports club or scheme that deserves to be mentioned on Sky Sports News?

Share your comments in the feedback form at the bottom of the page...

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