Deadly Defoe departs

In light of Jermain Defoe bidding an emotional farewell to White Hart Lane on Thursday evening before his move to Toronto FC, we pay homage to a mutual love affair with Tottenham by showing all his best goals and allowing those who know him best to have their say...

Last Updated: 28/02/14 1:07pm

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Jermain Defoe on...his Tottenham love affair

"I remember it like it was yesterday when I walked on to the pitch and signed. Even before I kicked a ball, the reception was fantastic. It's something I will never forget. I will cherish and appreciate that. I'm going to miss this place. It's been a part of my life and for my family. It's a special place."

Tim Sherwood on....Defoe's legacy

"Jermain Defoe is, possibly along with Jimmy Greaves, one of the best goalscorers this club has ever seen. Let's hope we can find another one like Jermain Defoe because he is all about goals and he always played with all his heart whenever he put on the shirt. Everyone appreciated his efforts and he certainly is a legend at this football club."

Defoe on...his World Cup chances

"I have to be honest, I did think about my chances of going to the World Cup. It's always important to play for your club and having played in a World Cup before, it's just a dream come through. That's why you play football. It did cross my mind, but at the same time I believe the MLS is going to be fantastic for me. And it's important for me to be playing. To get into any World Cup or European Championship squad, it's based on merit. You've got to be fit, to play well. Hopefully I can be on the plane. I've played in the Premier League during my whole career and scored a lot of goals. I think at the age of 31, I would like to think that the England manager - and everyone in England - knows what I can do, what I bring to the team. If selected I'll be ready."

Roy Hodgson on...the same topic

"He will be playing but he will be playing in a league a long way from the top league over here, but that won't change anything as far as I am concerned. I know him and what he can do and I will pick him on those merits, and if he doesn't get picked it will be because on this occasion, there wasn't space so I preferred others. When he comes with an England team, I know what I get from him because he is a very, very reliable player and he has been a wonderful servant in the time I have been with England."

Defoe on...the art of goalscoring

"When I get up in the morning, I look forward to the games and I'm just buzzing. At the end of the day, if you are nervous or scared before games, you are not going to perform. I just go out there and think, 'If I get a chance, I'm going to score' and that's it. The key for me is movement. When the ball comes into the box, or when the wide players get it, that's where I have to be clever and make my runs. That's where I come alive."

Harry Redknapp on...Defoe's single-mindedness

"I have never worked with a more single-minded goalscorer than Defoe. He has always been like that. But then that's what great goalscorers do - focus. (Jimmy) Greavsie did it. (Gary) Lineker was like that. I can see a bit of Ian Wright in him as well."

Defoe on...growing up

"When you are young, nothing is more important than football, but as you get older, you get married, have kids and lose people. Then you realise your family is more important. This comes with age. I don't think I could ever describe myself as unlucky because people would look at me, playing football for a living, and say: 'Are you winding me up?'"

Defoe on...his new life in Toronto

'I'm excited; it's been a long couple months. I just wanted to get over here and see the city. I'm looking forward to it; it's a fantastic challenge and great opportunity. I'm really excited, I feel like a little kid. It's always a challenge when you go to a new club. Playing against different opposition is always going to be a challenge but that's what I play football for; I'm going to enjoy it. I'm delighted I made the decision to come. My family came (to Toronto) about a month ago. They had great feedback and said it was a fantastic city with fantastic people."

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