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Last Updated: 15/01/13 3:58pm

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Carmelo Anthony: Knicks ace is in London

Carmelo Anthony: Knicks ace is in London

John Amaechi on New York Knicks' clash with Detroit Pistons at the O2 Arena

"The Knicks have been very good this season; they're currently having some issues with people coming back form injury and people going out with injury, so their team chemistry isn't quite where it should be, but they're still very good. The Pistons, on the other hand, are young; their their leading scorer is only three years out of university, so they've still got a lot of work to do. But I think the core of that team is good, as long as they keep working and add some veteran experience as they go along. When the Knicks play their best basketball they're outstanding but looking at the run of form [Knicks have lost six of their last 10, Pistons have won seven of their last 10] this game could be a lot closer than their very different positions in the table would imply."

Nigel Winterburn on Arsenal falling 21 points behind Man United

"At this moment in time the gulf is big; Arsenal are playing catch-up with not only Manchester United and Manchester City but Chelsea as well. I think the other teams around them are pretty similar but Arsenal need to regather themselves. Arsenal have been so inconsistent this season and I think Arsene Wenger will be disappointed with some of their attacking play. A lot of people have said their defence is the problem, but their defensive record isn't actually that bad. Attacking-wise, when Arsenal haven't played well this season, they've been too predictable and too slow going forward. When Arsenal are timid at the start of games that's when they seem to struggle."

Nicole Cooke on how drugs scandals have damaged women's professional cycling

"The problems on the men's side impact on the women's side twice as hard; we are not as stable with our racing calendar and team structure and are not able to take those hits. Over the years that I have been racing, a lot of the prestigious events from the racing calendar have gone; the women's Tour de France doesn't exist anymore and it is borderline whether this year's Tour of Italy will go ahead. There has to be consequences because Lance has cheated and created the biggest sporting fraud ever, but he won't be able to give back someone not winning a race. Things go far beyond giving back money as he has affected so many people's lives."

John Amaechi on the benefits of the NBA playing in London

"I don't think any professional athlete will admit to enjoying the travel but the trip from the East Coast of America to London is no worse than a trip from the East Coast of America to the West Coast of America, so there's no difficulty there, but they're in a country with a different culture and they get the chance to excite a different set of fans, which is a good thing. The New York Knicks are well known throughout Europe but for the Detroit Pistons this is a chance for them to show a new set of fans what they can do."

Nigel Winterburn on Arsenal's FA Cup chances

"This is Arsenal's best chance of winning a trophy this season. They're still in the Champions League and although, while they're in it, they have a chance, that will be very difficult to win. The FA Cup gives them a fantastic opportunity. They've got Swansea at home on Wednesday night and they have to use that to their advantage; this will be Swansea's third away game on the trot after going to Chelsea and Everton. This is where Arsenal have to come out at the start of the game, be strong and make it hard for Swansea. Arsenal need to start producing some consistent home form and I think they can start tomorrow with a 2-1 win.

JPR Williams on the problems with Welsh regional rugby

"I cannot see a Welsh club winning the Heineken Cup under the current system because I don't think we have got the structure or finances. I can't believe how many people are involved. All the regions are losing money every week, and at the turnstiles, too, and I think it would be much healthier to go back to having eight clubs. We still have a lot of good young talent in Wales but they never get to play, so I think regional rugby should come to an end."

John Amaechi on New York Knicks ace Carmelo Anthony

"Anthony has been outstanding; at the Olympics there were times when he looked like he was having shooting practice, playing against opponents who could not stop him. The real problem he causes opponents is he can shoot from the outside or put the ball on the floor and play inside. He can do pretty much anything - including, when he's got the mind for it, play some tough defence."

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