Oscar Pistorius: Prosecution closes case as trial adjourned until Friday

Last Updated: 25/03/14 2:14pm

Oscar Pistorius: His team will open case for defence on Friday

Oscar Pistorius: His team will open case for defence on Friday

Oscar Pistorius' murder trial has been adjourned until Friday with the prosecution having closed its case.

After the final state witnesses finished their testimony, prosecutor Gerrie Nel formally announced: "This is the state's case."

The defence team will now present its case, starting on Friday, with Pistorius himself potentially taking the stand.

Pistorius' lawyer Barry Roux asked for the adjournment because he says he needs two days to consult unused prosecution witnesses he might want to call.

The prosecution originally listed 107 people as state witnesses, but called just 20 of them.

Tuesday's proceedings, day 15 on the trial, saw further evidence from police mobile phone expert Francois Moller.

On Monday Moller revealed messages from victim Reeva Steenkamp, which stated that she was sometimes scared of Pistorius.

Moller said in total he obtained more than 1,000 exchanges between the couple and on Tuesday he explained how he pulled data from their phones.


He was questioned by Roux on the nature of the messages and if they were hostile or loving.

Moller said he received as evidence two BlackBerry phones, two iPhones, two iPads and a Mac computer from Pistorius' house the day after Steenkamp was shot to death.

Roux argued that amongst the hundreds of "loving" text messages, just four could be interpreted as hostile.

And Roux also showed Moller CCTV footage of the couple shopping just 10 days before Steenkamp was killed in which they looked close and happy together.

As Pistorius left court he told reporters: "It's a tough time. We've got a lot of stuff ahead of us."

Prosecutors allege Pistorius killed Steenkamp after an argument.

Pistorius says he killed her by accident on Valentine's Day last year, mistaking her for an intruder in his house.


Pistorius trial

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