Sky Sports report finds number of drugs impossible to detect: anti-doping authorities years behind cheats

By Orla Chennaoui.   Last Updated: 19/03/14 10:30am

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Orla Chennaoui reports on widely available drugs that are still impossible to detect as leading figures in the fight against doping meet in London.

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Leading figures in the global fight against doping gather in London today for a major conference to discuss how to clean up sport.

However, Sky Sports has found that a number of drugs which are widely available are still impossible to detect, leaving the anti-doping authorities sometimes years behind the cheats.

Sky Sports News' Orla Chennaoui discovered that the next generation of performance enhancing drugs are widely available online and being offered to athletes.

"At the Winter Olympics one Russian scientist was caught trying to sell a new muscle-building drug on the black market," said Chennauoi.

"The World Anti-Doping Agency expressed surprise, but a version of the drug named MGF has been around for years."


MGF, Mechano Growth Factor, boosts muscle growth and is undetectable by current tests.

Bodybuilder Paul Scarborough told Sky Sports News that the drug, which has not been tested on humans, has been around for years and it's use is widespread.

"MGF and other peptides have been used in body building for a good five to eight years. They are at least five or six years behind.

"There use and how effective they have become in those last five to six years is huge."

UK Anti-doping director of operations, Nicole Sapstead, admits the range of performance enhancing drugs freely available is shocking.

"The substances that are available to athletes in the general market is astounding and frightening," said Sapstead.

"UK doping, WADA and pharmaceutical organisations are working closer and closer together to try and anticipate the way these substances, products can be used and misused."

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