Commonwealth Games - Netball results

Last Updated: 04/08/14 11:43am

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All the Netball results and selected reports from the 2014 Commonwealth Games in Glasgow.

POOL A: New Zealand, Jamaica, Malawi, Northern Ireland, St. Lucia, Scotland

Malawi 71-50 Northern Ireland

St Lucia 24-88 Jamaica

New Zealand 50-47 Malawi

Scotland 58-30 St Lucia

Jamaica 65-34 Northern Ireland

New Zealand 71-14 Scotland

Malawi 69-28 St Lucia

Jamaica 68-26 Scotland

New Zealand 78-29 Northern Ireland

Northern Ireland 61-40 St Lucia

Jamaica 81-50 Malawi

New Zealand 88-19 St Lucia

Malawi 62-35 Scotland

New Zealand 50-42 Jamaica

Scotland 32-37 Northern Ireland

POOL B: Australia, England, South Africa, Wales, Trindad & Tobago, Barbados

Australia 63-36 Wales

Trinidad & Tobago 38-39 Barbados

England 65-25 Wales

South Africa 56-40 Trinidad & Tobago

Australia 49-48 England

South Africa 57-36 Barbados

Wales 50-31 Trinidad & Tobago

Australia 77-27 Barbados

England 41-35 South Africa

Wales 47-35 Barbados

Australia 69-34 Trinidad & Tobago

England 70-24 Trinidad & Tobago

South Africa 61-41 Wales

Australia 64-40 South Africa

Barbados 27-69 England


11th&12th - Barbados 53-27 St Lucia

9th&10th - Scotland 46-28 Trinidad and Tobago

7th&8th - Northern Ireland 58-36 Wales

5th&6th - Malawi 53-45 South Africa


New Zealand 35-34 England

Australia 57-42 Jamaica

Bronze medal match

Jamaica 52-48 England

Gold medal match

Australia 58-40 New Zealand

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