Sport England slash netball funding

Last Updated: 27/03/14 5:28pm

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England Netball have had their funding slashed by £275,000.

Sport England, who receive funding provided by the Government and the National Lottery, had warned sports they would not receive all of their 2014-2017 funding if they failed to hit their participation targets.

England Netball failed to reach those set targets but Chief Executive Paul Clark told Sky Sports News that despite the disappointment, EN remain positive for the future.

He said: "We're very disappointed at losing any of our grant but we understood the situation." 

"We knew that our participation numbers dipped in July and August last year which caused us to miss our targets.

"We knew as a consequence of that we were at a risk of losing some of our grant, so we've had to think and plan for that well in advance.

"We exceeded our internal targets by a long way and there's a comfort in that we know that the sport is going in the right direction, but we recognise that there was a poor July and August on the wider aspects of the sport.

"There is an ability to appeal but this is not a cause of action that we're considering.

"We knew the circumstances with Sport England. We agreed our targets and we knew quite clearly if we missed those targets we would be subject to a reduction.

"I think we'd much rather take a positive and proactive stance here and recognise that we've got successful programmes and that we are growing our programmes.

"We've got lots of new programmes that we're ready to launch coming in the new year - our Back to Netball festivals, the introduction of the youth camps and Netball Now.

"Let's be positive about this as we're commited to reversing that trend."

What do you make of the cuts to funding? Why not get involved in the debate by commentating below.

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