Sporting Chapters speaks to some of the nominees for the William Hill Sports Book of the Year award

Sporting Chapters spoke to some of the nominees for the William Hill Sports Book of the Year award

Last Updated: 05/12/12 5:52pm

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Sporting Chapters – Sports Book of the Year Awards

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It's the most valuable literary sports-writing prize around - so Sporting Chapters was first in the queue to speak to nominees of the William Hill Sports Book of the Year award.

'The Secret Race' by ex-cyclist Tyler Hamilton and writer Daniel Coyle takes us inside the hidden world of the Tour de France. Hamilton was a teammate of Lance Armstrong at US Postal and the book describes in detail the doping, the cover-ups and the flawed characters in his time as a professional cyclist.

Hamilton - who will be appearing on Sporting Chapters soon - picked up the award for Sports Book of the Year along with Coyle, who told us: "It's a bigger story than sport.

"It's not about people who are good and people who are bad - it's a story about a culture."
Daniel Coyle

"This story of having a corrupt world is a story that's similar to anyone covering the financial world, anyone who covers the political world, it's a story about human beings who are in a place where there are no rules and how we behave in that situation.

"We often think about those people as villains, as being different from us, as being cheaters and what I think Tyler shows and what his story shows is that we can all imagine what we can do in that situation, and it's a story about our common humanity. It's not about people who are good and people who are bad - it's a story about a culture."

Hamilton added: "I was dreading that day - I was prepared to go to the grave with all of those secrets that I had, all the lies, all of the doping that I'd done and all the doping I knew about with other riders.

"I hid it within me for so, so long that I was extremely stressed to go and speak in front of the Grand Jury and tell the truth and little did I know that it was the best that ever could have happened to me because it felt fantastic."

Sporting Chapters - Simon Jordan

'Be Careful What You Wish For' tells the story of ex-Crystal Palace chairman Simon Jordan. The lifelong Palace fan invested millions in the club and nigh on lost everything. Greed, self-interest and overpriced players - the book is Jordan's honest account of how the national game really works.

Four-time Ironman World Champion Chrissie Wellington and professional squash player James Willstrop - both of whom will be appearing on Sporting Chapters in the near future - were also among the nominees.

Wellington's 'A Life Without Limits' charts her journey from full time employment and an interest in sport to causing the biggest upset in Ironman history. In the book she tells of her world-record breaking Ironman triathlon success - achieved against the odds.

Meanwhile, 'Shot and a Ghost' tells the tale of Willstrop's rise to world no.1 in January of this year. Willstrop writes about his close relationship with his father and coach, the death of his mother and his intense rivalries in the game.

The short-list was completed by Miles Jupp, who tells how he bluffed his way into the press box during England's Test series in India in 2006 in 'Fibber in the Heat'. What should have been the ticket of his dreams finds him fibbing his way from one disaster to the next.

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