Carl Froch talks to Sky Sports about Andrew Flintoff's professional boxing debut

By Paul Higham Twitter: @SkySportsPaulH.   Last Updated: 01/12/12 5:24pm

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Carl Froch says Andrew Flintoff did himself proud in winning his professional boxing debut on Friday night - and said the ex-cricketer can continue in the ring if he wants to.

Flintoff beat Richard Dawson in Manchester despite being floored in his four-round encounter, but the former England all-rounder has not decided whether to continue with a new career in the ring.

Froch was diplomatic in his response to Flintoff's professional bow, which has received mixed reactions from boxing fans and commentators.

The Cobra, though, says Flintoff should be proud of achieving his personal ambition of appearing in a professional fight, telling Sky Sports he was impressed with the commitment he showed in the ring.

"You see him at a lot of boxing shows so he obviously had the desire to have a go himself," Froch said. "He had a go last night and I thought he did OK to be honest

"I don't know if it's the right interest in our sport - because he's a famous cricket that's why he's getting the attention. But any attention you can get on the sport is good - to a degree.

"Flintoff did himself proud, he got in there had a go, he threw a lot of punches and didn't shy away and go into his shell, if anything he was too eager.

"He was missing with shots and swinging but fair play to him, he wants to box, he's been a boxing fan for a few years and he got in there and had a swing up and thankfully didn't get hurt."

Froch even admitted that Flintoff could have a career inside the ring, but warned he should not get too carried away and limited any expectations after taking up the sport so late in life.

"If he can continue good luck to him, I don't see why not, I think he's a year younger than me so let him crack on! He hasn't got enough experience to be a top level world champion at heavyweight because he's left it too late.

"But you'd say the same about me if I took up cricket I'd probably never play in the Ashes, you've got to find your levels and be realistic. But if he wanted an area title or British title then he'd be a few years away from that but it's not an unrealistic goal."

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