Rain and pain

Tough loss for office team, Tubes & Franky miss England game

Last Updated: 18/10/12 3:38pm

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It's been a quiet week in the office with a few of the crew out and about.

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"It was obvious the game wasn't going to be played. I was proper nutty drenched! "
Franky Fryer Quotes of the week

Franky Fryer and Tubes jetted off to Poland early on Monday morning to check out what the England fans could get up to in Warsaw, although the trip didn't go entirely to plan after the postponement of the match.

The lads were looking forward to an international away trip but after the roof fiasco Franky & Tubes just ended up getting soaked waiting for match officials to decide on the fate of the game.

They ended up spending an hour and a half getting wet inside the National Stadium: "It was obvious the game wasn't going to be played," said a frustrated Franky. "I was proper nutty drenched!"

Tubes clearly hadn't seen the rain coming as he failed to bring a change of clothes. In the end, he ended up having to borrow the shoes and jacket of the cameraman. We're not quite sure what the cameraman ended up wearing on his feet!

Despite their attempts, they weren't able to rearrange their flight meaning they wouldn't get the chance to see the delayed fixture and would have to settle for watching it back in England.

However, their flight ended up being delayed by three hours meaning that Tubes and Franky were up in the air when England kicked off so ended up watching the 1-1 draw in neither England nor Poland!

Despite the issues, the lads ended up having a good trip and Franky highly recommends Warsaw as a city to visit: "I'd like to give a massive shout out to Bogdan for organising the trip and looking after us!"

Final defeat

Back at the office this week, the rest of the team were invited to a tournament organised by clothing brand Ted Baker. Soccer AM were represented well, remaining unbeaten until the final. However they were unable to maintain that run, losing 2-1 to FourFourTwo in the final.

Despite doing well, Bobbie was frustrated at his team's poor performance and he was sure to let his team-mates know of his anger, blasting the ball against his own crossbar and shouting expletives after conceding the second goal in the final.

However, he did feel guilty for his outburst later in the evening and sent his team mates a text to apologise: "Team, apologies for my hissy fit. I'm a sore loser. Pleasure playing with you all. Top stuff. Dave golden boot award. Dev slippery boots award. Ash well done for turning up award. Stu passing to the oppo award. Curly good dummy goal award. Me hissy fit moaner award."

We think this is an apology anyway?


Despite the text, Bobbie still gave the following damning verdicts on his team mates:

Ash: "He took a shot from inside our own half! His shots to goal ratio was terrible. It must have been about 20 shots to one goal!"

Dave: "His first touch of the final was an attempted showboat backheel, it went straight to the opposition! He still got the golden boot nonetheless."

Dev: "He kept slipping over; there was one point where he was controlling the ball with his face. They couldn't get the ball though, it was brilliant."

Curly: "I have nothing bad to say about this game. He was showboating all over the place and scored a great goal, flicking it up for himself."

Stu: "He wasn't good. He gave away the penalty. He kept passing it to the opposition."

Despite playing against several clothing brands including ASOS, Burton and Ted Baker the crew failed to come away with any free clothing but Ash and James were sure to come away with goodies ensuring that they filled their pockets with as many free Mars Bars, Prawn Cocktail crisps and buns as possible. At least they came away with something!

If you want to see a couple of our boys in action, Tubes and Franky Fryer are playing at Staines Town at 3pm this Sunday with a host of other ex-players and celebrities including Robbie Savage & Darren Eadie. Visit www.sellebrity.org.uk/sellebrity-soccer for more information.

We'll see you on Saturday!

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