Pleased to be playing

Leyton Orient star returns with his latest blog

By Brian Saah.   Last Updated: 07/02/08 3:17pm

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I am pleased to be back with my latest blog and that I am able to join you as a first-teamer.

The last few months have been very difficult for me, sitting mainly on the sidelines but I have now been given my chance and I am loving playing regularly again.

I wasn't too down really as I am only young. I know the team was playing well and it wasn't really because I had played badly or anything like that.

But now I am involved I intend to hang on to my spot and the gaffer is one of those who tends to let a player earn his place, rather than chopping and changing.

We are very much still in the play-off picture and now the season is really entering the interesting point, we are very much on our toes to make sure we stay in there.

That is obviously a huge turnaround, people are now expecting us to be in the final shake-up and make that impact, which just shows how far we have come as a club in the last 18 months.

Good reaction

Our progress is also pleasing for our fans, none of whom is more committed than our chairman - who has been great with us.

Last season he promised a trip to Las Vegas if we won promotion and to be fair to him he delivered his promise. We haven't spoken too much about possible incentives this season but we would hope something similar would be on the cards, but we will have to wait and see.

This week I was finally sent to the University of East London for a fitness test, something in truth I have been avoiding for a while and I was the last member of the squad to go.

It is just something the club do and we all have to through it, but it is hard work to say the least as they have all sorts of tubes and wires coming off you as you run, but I am sure everyone involved will get something out of it.

Away from Orient I did have the chance to go to Wembley for the Switzerland game. I have been before and enjoy going to watch England. Many people don't think of professionals going to cheer on their country - but we enjoy it as much as anyone and really like going to the internationals, it is good to see the other side of things and became a fan.

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