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By Brian Saah.   Last Updated: 02/11/07 9:36am

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Hi everyone thanks for joining me again, I am still very new to this so you will have to bear with me as I get used to having my own column.

On the field, well things are still going pretty well. Our last match on Sunday was a bit of a disappointment to lose like we did at Doncaster.

Considering we were 2-1 up with just over 20 minutes to go we should have got something from the game, rather than losing 4-2 as we did and the fact we could have won.

That was a disappointment and I also managed to pick up an injury to my hamstring. In-fact I have only just returned to training. I have been in for treatment most of this week which has been a problem as the lads haven't done loads this week because of the amount of games we are having at the moment.

Some people will raise an eyebrow or two when I say we haven't been doing loads of training - but it is important we are fit and ready for each match and don't overdo it, especially with the busy Christmas period coming upon us.

Quiet life

I was thinking about what I could tell you about our off the pitch life, but to be honest not much has been going on at the moment.

There was a poker night the other day, but cards are not really my thing so I didn't go - I think Paul Terry went and did really well, but he is always good with cards and plays on the team bus, which again I don't really get involved in.

I am a bit more chilled out and sit with my music listening and just chilling out.

Over the coming weeks I will be going into a bit more detail about my music - but to be honest I have been a bit slack in recent weeks and haven't even managed to get to many concerts or gigs of late.

We do try and get to a few things when we can but it is not always possible. Think the last thing a few of us went to was with Kano - as he is the cousin of Clayton Fortune who plays for us, so from time to time we will get to see him.

Well I will leave it there for now, but I will be back next month with a bit more gossip I am sure!

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