10 - 13 April

Hunter Mahan

I think you play here once, a couple of times, you figure out this place. This was about as easy as it's going to get, without question: Weather, greens, they are still soft. Without question, it's going to get harder, and you expect it. That's why you've got to play so "in the shot" and just play one shot at a time out here. You can't let one shot ruin your whole day or ruin your whole week, because I tell you what, you're going to miss another one; I guarantee it. .

- After his opening 66 in 2009 which put him in second place. .

I feel like I have good touch around these greens. I hit some good putts that were downhill and breaking three feet. Greens only get harder and they only get faster so it seems like you have to adapt; every hour this course gets more baked out.

- Mahan, speaking in 2010, about the challenges of Augusta's famous putting surfaces.

I thought he was going to get to 10 no problem the way he was playing out there. For sure, when you see 8s and 9s go up there, that's going to get your attention. That's the great thing, you still feel like a fan sometimes watching the leaderboards; at least Thursday, you do. It was neat to see. It's neat to see red numbers like that out here.

- Mahan on watching Chad Campbell's stunning opening round in 2009. It hardly distracted Hunter too much as he opened with a 66 of his own.

Hunter's Vital Stats

  • DOB: 17/05/1982
  • Nationality: United States
  • Height: 5ft 11