10 - 13 April

Sergio Garcia

Well, they did a couple of years ago. I took their advice, but now I think I'm old enough to know what I have to do. I know what feels better for me on this golf course, because sometimes somebody can tell you, you know, you should play this way or you should try to hit this kind of shot, and you don't feel comfortable with that one. But, of course, you always remember some of the comments they give you.

- Sergio is asked in 2002 if he ever took advice on how to play the course from dual Masters winners Ballesteros and Olazabal.

Yeah, that's the way I like it. I've always said, I don't like tournaments where you win with 14-under par or 13-under par or a score like that. I think the true tournament is the one when the course is playing nice and firm, it's tough to hold it on the fairways, it's tough to hold it on the greens, and you win with 8-under par, 4-under par, 6-under par, something like that. And I really think that that's the way it would have been this week if the weather would have behaved, but unfortunately, we can't control that.

- Sergio says in 2002 that he likes Augusta National best when it plays hard and fast.

I just feel like I played well enough to win. Unfortunately, I'm not going to. But, you know, that's the majors. It's not all about playing well. You've got to get lucky. You know, a couple good breaks I think could have made a big difference, and you know, unfortunately, I didn't get them at the right moment.

- Despite a fast-finishing 66 (back nine 31) in 2004, Sergio can't hide his disappointment.

It was a fun thing. I hit a great drive and a 2-iron, and it's always special if you make your first double-eagle ever, you make it at Augusta; it was an amazing thing. I had 253 to the hole. All of a sudden the people went crazy on the green and they said, well, you made it. So I raised my hands and just a couple high-fives. It was good. It's a shame it wasn't in the tournament, but still nice, though.

- Sergio on making an amazing albatross two on the par five second in a practice round in 2005.

Has it changed? Not really. The course is still the same, just a couple of changes here and there. I don't think there's been much of anything this year. But yeah, you know how to play it. Unfortunately it's just a matter of being able to execute the shots you want to hit. Obviously if you do, then you know you're in pole position and you know you can do whatever you want. If you miss a shot here or there, you have to kind of think your way around and see how can you make par or maybe a miraculous birdie.

- Sergio, in 2011, says the test at Augusta National is pretty much the same as it was when he won the Silver Cup for finishing as top amateur on his debut in 1999.

Sergio's Vital Stats

  • DOB: 09/01/1980
  • Nationality: Spain
  • Height: 5ft 10