10 - 13 April

Lee Westwood

It's not easy to putt on these greens. You have to hit them so slowly that you don't put a pure stroke on it, you get yourself off line early, it just looks a poor putt. You can read things into your putting on these greens that isn't there. These are the severest test.

- 2009: discusses the difficulties of Augusta's treacherous greens.

There's never any dread. It does feel like a golf course that ought to suit me. Over the last few years, I've gradually found a way to plod my way around and feel more comfortable. I was saying to Billy, my caddie, coming up the last, that although it's the best I've ever played around here, it's the most comfortable I've felt on the golf course. I'm gradually working out a way for me to get around this golf course in as few of shots as possible.

- Westwood reveals he's finally figuring out Augusta after an opening 67 in 2010.

I didn't handle that situation as well as I'd have liked to. That's the first time I had ever experienced a lead in a major championship, so it's bound to come as a bit of a shock.

- Westwood reflects on the 1999 Masters when he was tied for the lead with nine to play before unravelling around Amen Corner and slipping back to sixth.

My short game just wasn't up to the standard of the rest of my game. It needed work. So you know, I've worked hard on it, and now it's paying dividends. My bunker play is... well, you can't compare what my bunker play used to be like to what it is now.

- Westwood reveals why he often used to struggle at Augusta and why he's so much better equipped to do well there now.

Lee's Vital Stats

  • DOB: 24/04/1973
  • Nationality: England
  • Height: 6ft