10 - 13 April

Tiger Woods

I think this golf course allows you to play creatively. You get to hit different shots. You use your imagination around the greens. You have different kind of putts. That, to me, is pretty neat, when we can use our short game to get around. Some of the major championships, you can't. Here, we are playing all different kind of shots. We are playing bump-and-run, we are playing high lobs, we are playing spinners and all different type of shots.

- Tiger (2002) on why he loves Augusta's challenge.

Well, I think under the circumstances, it's one of the best I've ever hit. If Chris (DiMarco) makes his putt, I make bogey and all of a sudden it's a different ballgame. All of a sudden, I'm one back. I was just trying to throw the ball up there on the hill and let it feed down there and hopefully have a makeable putt. All of a sudden, it looked pretty good, and all of a sudden it looked like really good and it looked like how could it not go in and how did it not go in and all of a sudden it went in, so it was pretty sweet.

- Tiger on his amazing chip in for birdie on 16 in 2005 which helped him win a fourth Masters.

It was unbelievable, I mean, all day. The people, I haven't heard them cheer this loud in all my years here. So it certainly helped keep my spirits up because I was certainly missing a bunch of putts out there in tough conditions like that. It helps when you get the crowd like that.

- Tiger is relieved and delighted by his reception on day one of the 2010 Masters after making his first appearance on a golf course in 20 weeks after a self-imposed exile following his admission of infidelity.

I got off to a good start on the front nine and on the back nine didn't putt well and hit one loose iron there at 13. I should have shot an easy 3- or 4-under on the back nine and I only posted even.

- Tiger on his final day charge in 2011 which had him tied for the lead before he stalled on the back nine.

I've never played an entire tournament with my A-game. This was pretty close. I dreamed of winning the Masters growing up but I never envisioned having the lead I did.

- Woods on his astonishing 12-shot victory in 1997 - the largest margin of victory ever recorded in The Masters.

I was in such a zone today, working on, you know, every shot, working so hard on every shot. Then I walked over to the side and I just started thinking, you know, I don't have anymore shots to play. I'm done - 'I won the Masters.' You know, it was just a weird feeling.

- Woods has a different reaction to winning his second Green Jacket in 2001, which secures the Tiger Slam (he had won the final three majors of 2000).

Tiger's Vital Stats

  • DOB: 30/12/1975
  • Nationality: United States
  • Height: 6ft 1