10 - 13 April

Phil Mickelson

I love coming back here. It's the most exciting place to come. I love playing the Masters. It's my favourite event of the year.

- Mickelson's often repeated Mantra about The Masters.

I think having, in the past ten years, come so close so many times, to have had putts made on me in the last holes to lose by a shot, to have had good last rounds fall short, to have bad last rounds and fall short, to have it be such a difficult journey to win my first major, makes it that much more special, sweeter, and it just feels awesome.

- A relieved and delighted Mickelson after capturing the 2004 Masters and finally ending his majors drought.

I think the fortunate thing for me was that Chris DiMarco's bunker shot rolled three inches behind my line, behind my ball. Because it was such a fast putt, I had a great look at his entire putt, every inch of break. I gave it about six inches of break and it just hung on the edge.

- 2004: Mickelson on the birdie putt at 18 that gave him victory.

I just know that it was nice walking up the 18th hole with a three shot lead. I haven't experienced that before and it was a great feeling walking up the 18th at Augusta. What a special place.

- Mickelson after winning his second Green Jacket in more relaxed style in 2006.

I had a good lie in the pine needles. I was going to have to go through that gap if I laid up or went for the green. I was going to have to hit a decent shot. The gap was a little bit wider - it wasn't huge, but it was big enough, you know, for a ball to fit through. (Laughter). I just felt like at that time, I needed to trust my swing and hit a shot, and it came off perfect.

- Mickelson recalls his amazing second shot through the trees at 13 which paved the way for his third Green Jacket in 2010.

To have her here and share this moment and share the joy of winning on 18 and to share this with my kids is something that we'll look back on the rest of our lives. This means so much to us to be able to share this type of jubilation. I was just really glad she was there. I wasn't sure if she was going to be there today.

- Mickelson on the thrill of having wife Amy there to share his celebrations in 2010. She had been diagnosed with breast cancer in May 2009 and had not been well enough to attend a tournament since then.

I didn't think greens in regulation were quite as important. I thought that you could get up-and-down from different spots and I thought you could be very aggressive this week. It was great. I tried, I loved the way it was setup, but I didn't take advantage of it. I love these greens, I usually putt them very well, but I struggled this week.

- Mickelson on failing to cash in on the favourable course conditions in 2011.

Phil's Vital Stats

  • DOB: 16/06/1970
  • Nationality: United States
  • Height: 6ft 3