10 - 13 April

Masters Past Winners

Past Winners 2012 - 1974
Year Champion Country Score
2013Adam ScottAustralia-9
2012Bubba WatsonUnited States-10
2011Charl SchwartzelSouth Africa-14
2010Phil MickelsonUnited States-16
2009Angel CabreraArgentina-12
2008Trevor ImmelmanSouth Africa-8
2007Zach JohnsonUnited States1
2006Phil MickelsonUnited States-7
2005Tiger WoodsUnited States-12
2004Phil MickelsonUnited States-9
2003Mike WeirCanada-7
2002Tiger WoodsUnited States-12
2001Tiger WoodsUnited States-16
2000Vijay SinghFiji-10
1999José María OlazábalSpain-8
1998Mark O'MearaUnited States-9
1997Tiger WoodsUnited States-18
1996Nick FaldoEngland-12
1995Ben CrenshawUnited States-14
1994José María OlazábalSpain-9
1993Bernhard LangerGermany-11
1992Fred CouplesUnited States-13
1991Ian WoosnamWales-11
1990Nick FaldoEngland-10
1989Nick FaldoEngland-5
1988Sandy LyleScotland-7
1987Larry MizeUnited States-3
1986Jack NicklausUnited States-9
1985Bernhard LangerWest Germany-6
1984Ben CrenshawUnited States-11
1983Seve BallesterosSpain-8
1982Craig StadlerUnited States-4
1981Tom WatsonUnited States-8
1980Seve BallesterosSpain-13
1979Fuzzy ZoellerUnited States-8
1978Gary PlayerSouth Africa-11
1977Tom WatsonUnited States-12
1976Raymond FloydUnited States-17
1975Jack NicklausUnited States-12
1974Gary PlayerSouth Africa-10
Past Winners 1973 - 1934
Year Champion Country To par
1973Tommy AaronUnited States-5
1972Jack NicklausUnited States-2
1971Charles CoodyUnited States-9
1970Billy CasperUnited States-9
1969George ArcherUnited States-7
1968Bob GoalbyUnited States-11
1967Gay BrewerUnited States-8
1966Jack NicklausUnited StatesE
1965Jack NicklausUnited States-17
1964Arnold PalmerUnited States-12
1963Jack NicklausUnited States-2
1962Arnold PalmerUnited States-8
1961Gary PlayerSouth Africa-8
1960Arnold PalmerUnited States-6
1959Art Wall, Jr.United States-4
1958Arnold PalmerUnited States-4
1957Doug FordUnited States-5
1956Jack Burke, Jr.United States1
1955Cary MiddlecoffUnited States-9
1954Sam SneadUnited States1
1953Ben HoganUnited States-14
1952Sam SneadUnited States-2
1951Ben HoganUnited States-8
1950Jimmy DemaretUnited States-5
1949Sam SneadUnited States-6
1948Claude HarmonUnited States-9
1947Jimmy DemaretUnited States-7
1946Herman KeiserUnited States-6
1945Cancelled due to World War II
1942Byron NelsonUnited States-8
1941Craig WoodUnited States-8
1940Jimmy DemaretUnited States-8
1939Ralph GuldahlUnited States-9
1938Henry PicardUnited States-3
1937Byron NelsonUnited States-5
1936Horton SmithUnited States-3
1935Gene SarazenUnited States-6
1934Horton SmithUnited States-4