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Zimbabwe win by 24 runs

Zimbabwe vs Pakistan


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    Over 81 - Pak 239 Misbah 79 (181)

    Over 81 - Pak 239 all out. WICKET! Chatara has the new ball in his hand, and immediately gets past the outside edge of Junaid Khan with some extra bounce. However, the fourth ball does find the edge and is taken in the gully to the delight of the crowd. Junaid Khan c Waller b Chatara 1 (18). Chatara has his first five wicket haul in Tests as Rahat Ali comes out to the middle. Waller cannot field cleanly to let Rahat get off the mark. Misbah desperately wants the strike, and there is a terrible misunderstanding. Rahat has to try to get back in, but is RUN OUT! Prosper Utseya kept his cool to ensure his throw was accurate. Rahat Ali run out (Utseya/Masakadza) 1 (1), Misbah-ul-Haq not out 79 (181). Chatara 5/61, and he is the Man of the Match. Zimbabwe WIN by 24 runs, and have tied the series at 1-1. Younis Khan was the Man of the Series.


    Over 80 - Pak 238/8 Misbah 79 (180) Junaid 1 (14)

    Over 80 - Pak 238/8. Vitori bangs it in short to start the over, and Misbah-ul-Haq will feel that he misses out as he fails to make contact with a leg side delivery. The third ball is sweetly timed and away through extra cover for four. Another wide half volley gives Misbah his second boundary of the over, and the only consolation for Zimbabwe now, with just 26 more runs needed, is that the second new ball is available.


    Over 79 - Pak 230/8 Misbah 71 (174) Junaid 1 (14)

    Over 79 - Pak 230/8. Misbah-ul-Haq jumps all over a wide half volley, driving on the up over extra cover for a rare boundary off Chatara. He is really looking to knock off the runs now, as he comes down the wicket and takes a tight second to the cover sweeper. He follows up with a wristy flick through mid wicket as Chatara adjusts his line. A scampered single off the fifth ball will keep him on strike next over. Junaid Khan also hits out, but mistimes a cut to a shorter delivery. Eleven off the over, and now just 34 needed.


    Over 78 - Pak 219/8 Misbah 60 (169) Junaid 1 (13)

    Over 78 - Pak 219/8. Vitori continues around the wicket. Misbah-ul-Haq must think he is not as much of a threat as he jogs an easy single to leg side off the third ball. Junaid attempts a cracking drive, but it dribbles away off the toe of the bat. Pakistan need another 45 runs.


    Over 77 - Pak 218/8 Misbah 59 (166) Junaid 1 (10)

    Over 77 - Pak 218/8. Chatara continues after lunch, and Misbah-ul-Haq almost goes to the first ball as he pushes to mid on but looked to have fallen just short of the fielder. Then there is almost a run out as there suddenly seems to be a bit of panic in the middle. Junaid plays the last ball with a deft touch to fine leg, but Misbah wants the strike and turns down an easy single.


    Over 76 - Pak 217/8 Misbah 58 (161) Junaid 1 (9)

    Over 76 - Pak 217/8. LUNCH! Vitori bowls some big inswingers from around the wicket. Misbah-ul-Haq is eventually tempted to play a loose shot and is beaten. A snorter of a bouncer, from just back of a length, almost decapitates Junaid Khan. Vitori pitches the next one up, and Junaid is up to defending it to end the session. When play resumes, Pakistan will need a further 47 runs while Zimbabwe have the advantage, needing just two more wickets.


    Over 75 - Pak 216/8 Misbah 57 (160) Junaid 1 (4)

    Over 75 - Pak 216/8. WICKET! Chatara strikes again. Saeed Ajmal has no answer to a big in-swinger. His feet were nowhere and up goes the Davis finger. Chatara runs all the way to the boundary in celebration. Saeed Ajmal lbw b Chatara 2 (14). Junaid Khan is the new man, and almost plays on as he goes back to his first delivery but eventually gets off the mark with a good looking back foot drive. Chatara has 4/48, a career best performance.


    Over 74 - Pak 214/7 Misbah 56 (159) Ajmal 2 (13)

    Over 74 - Pak 214/7. Vitori is back, going around the wicket to Misbah-ul-Haq, and finds a leading edge. Fortunately for Pakistan it lands safely, as does a mis-timed drive as Misbah looks to keep the strike off the last ball. A maiden.


    Over 73 - Pak 214/7 Misbah 56 (153) Ajmal 2 (13)

    Over 73 - Pak 214/7. Chatara returns to the bowling crease and looks to keep it wide of off stump, but goes a bit too far and is punished by umpire Davis thrice. Misbah-ul-Haq will wait for one that he can despatch safely. Some of those calls were a bit harsh. Misbah pushes the last to mid off, and Ajmal is almost caught napping. A direct hit at the striker's end would have been interesting. Exactly 50 more needed now.


    Over 72 - Pak 210/7 Misbah 55 (147) Ajmal 2 (13)

    Over 72 - Pak 210/7. Utseya is accurate, but some leg byes and the odd single keep Pakistan edging towards their target. 54 more runs needed now.


    Over 71 - Pak 206/7 Misbah 54 (145) Ajmal 1 (9)

    Over 71 - Pak 206/7. Panyangara mixing up his pace, but Saeed Ajmal resists temptation. A little push to mid wicket gets him off the mark.


    Over 70 - Pak 204/7 Misbah 53 (143) Ajmal 0 (5)

    Over 70 - Pak 204/7. FIFTY for Misbah-ul-Haq off 142 balls as he brings off the reverse sweep against Utseya to record just his fifth boundary. It also brings up the Pakistani 200. Saeed Ajmal has to survive an appeal for a catch at the wicket as he gropes forward.


    Over 69 - Pak 197/7 Misbah 46 (140) Ajmal 0 (2)

    Over 69 - Pak 197/7. WICKET! Panyangara has some luck at last as Abdur Rehman pushes forward and feathers a catch to the keeper. Rehman c Mutambani b Panyagara 16 (50). Saeed Ajmal is the new batsman with Pakistan still 67 short of victory.


    Over 68 - Pak 196/6 Misbah 45 (130) Rehman 16 (47)

    Over 68 - Pak 196/6. A rare false shot from Misbah-ul-Haq as he prods forward to Utseya, but Zimbabwe are not brave enough to have a silly point. Abdur Rehman ends the over with an old fashioned slog over mid-wicket. Boundaries have been rare this morning, that was just the third today.


    Over 67 - Pak 191/6 Misbah 44 (135) Rehman 12 (45)

    Over 67 - Pak 191/6. Abdur Rehman looking like a proper batsman as he ignores some wide deliveries from Panyangara, but is beaten as he tries to defend an away swinger.


    Over 66 - Pak 191/6 Misbah 44 (135) Rehman 12 (39)

    Over 66 - Pak 191/6. Abdur Rehman also takes on Utseya with the sweep. Misbah-ul-Haq still battling to get through this tight field on the leg side.


    Over 65 - Pak 190/6 Misbah 44 (131) Rehman 11 (37)

    Over 65 - Pak 190/6. Abdur Rehman leaves a wide delivery from Panyangara, but again misses with a huge swing at the next ball. The fourth ball is edged, but the soft hands ensure that it lands well short of the keeper.


    Over 64 - Pak 189/6 Misbah 44 (130) Rehman 10 (32)

    Over 64 - Pak 189/6. Utseya has strengthened his leg side field and that is serving to dry up the flow of singles for now. Misbah-ul-Haq tries the sweep to break the shackles, and times it well but can't beat the fielder.


    Over 63 - Pak 187/6 Misbah 42 (124) Rehman 10 (32)

    Over 63 - Pak 187/6. Drinks will be taken. The singles are coming far too easily now, with just 77 more needed. Nevertheless, Abdur Rehman does take on Panyangara with the last ball and is well beaten.


    Over 62 - Pak 184/6 Misbah 40 (121) Rehman 9 (29)

    Over 62 - Pak 184/6. Vitori will also be relieved (1/59) as Prosper Utseya comes into the attack. The turn is slow, and both batsmen are happy to work him around off the back foot.

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Match Details

10th - 14th Sep 2013
Zimbabwe won the toss and elected to bat.
Harare Sports Club
S J Davis, R Martinesz
TV Umpire
O Chirombe
Match Referee
J Srinath
Reserve Umpire
T J Matibiri


Batsman R
K. Manzoor c Waller b Utseya 54
M. Hafeez c Vitori b Chatara 16
A. Ali b Chatara 0
Y.M. Khan b Vitori 29
M.K. Niazi Not out 79
A. Shafiq c Mutumbami b Utseya 14
A. Akmal lbw Chatara 20
A. Rehman c Mutumbami b Panyangara 16
S. Ajmal lbw Chatara 2
J.M. Khan c Waller b Chatara 1
R. Ali run out (Utseya) 1
Extras 1nb, 4w, 2lb 7
Total All Out, 81.0 Overs 239
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Bowler O M R W
T. Panyangara 16 3 43 1
B.V. Vitori 22 5 69 1
T.L. Chatara 23 2 61 5
P. Utseya 19 2 62 2
H. Masakadza 1 0 2 0
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