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Pakistan win by 25 runs

Zimbabwe vs Pakistan


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    Pakistan win the first T20 international by a convincing 25 runs. Shehzad was the only batsmen today who looked completely comfortable on a rather slow deck. His 70 paved the way for a very competitive total of 161 for five. Zimbabwe's response started promisingly, but as predicted, they were unable to deal with the experience spinners in Pakistan's attack. The run rate soared out of control and from the 12th over onwards it looked like there could be only one winner. Pakistan deserved the win and it is a good start to their tour.


    Over 20 - Zim 136/5 (Taylor 32, Waller 14)

    Tanvir is given the duty of bowling the final over. A string of singles brings a rather tame end to the Zimbabwe innings. The final over yielded just six runs.


    Over 19 - Zim 130/5 (Taylor 30, Waller 11)

    Waller has come in to face an impossible situation. The batsmen are almost swinging themselves off their feet, but not a lot of contact is being made. A reverse-sweep pays dividends for Waller who then plays a conventional sweep which sails into the stands for six.


    Over 18 - Zim 117/5 (Taylor 28, Waller 0)

    WICKET. Maruma walks past Afridi's come back delivery and is stumped without any fuss. Chigumbura is the new man. He will have to swing from the hip from ball one. The new batsman connects with a wild swing across the line and is rewarded with a boundary through mid-wicket. WICKET. Chigumbura tried to repeat the dose but misses this time and loses his middle stump.


    Over 17 - Zim 111/3 (Taylor 28, Maruma 10)

    Maruma misreads the Adjmal dhoosra, but the edge through slip earns him a much needed four runs. Ajmal is really enjoying the conditions and is on top.


    Over 16 - Zim 104/3 (Taylor 27, Maruma 4)

    Tanvir comes back into the attack. He bowls off the wrong foot and has an array of slower balls, so slogging him out of the ground will be a tall order. A quick single brings up the 100, but Zimbabwe will need a lot more than singles if they wish to get close. Taylor ends the over with deft upper-cut the bounces twice before crossing the boundary rope.


    Over 15 - Zim 95/3 (Taylor 21, Maruma 2)

    Ajmal is back and extracts a great deal of turn. The batsmen are struggling to create any power and the match seems to be slipping away.


    Over 14 - Zim 91/3 (Taylor 20, Maruma 1)

    Hafeez is not happy that Williams was allowed to get back for two when he pushed into the leg-side. WICKET. Williams tried one reverse-sweep too many and is trapped lbw. Hafeez delivers when his teams needed it and now Pakistan are certainly in control.


    Over 13 - Zim 87/2 (Taylor 19, Williams 7)

    The required rate is now over 10. WICKET. Afridi bursts through Sibanda's defense and makes a mess of the stumps. Williams is the new man and Afridi immediately beats him outside off. Williams replies by powering a short ball off the back foot through the covers for four.


    Over 12 - Zim 79/1 (Taylor 18, Sibanda 31)

    Hafeez brings himself on to bowl. The one thing that is guaranteed is that he will rush through the over. A reverse-sweep comes off for Taylor as four more are added to the total.


    Over 11 - Zim 71/1 (Taylor 12, Sibanda 30)

    As good as the Zimbabwe batsmen have looked, the required run rate is steady rising. A solid sweep by Taylor earns his his first boundary but it is a little risky against the turn of Afridi.


    Over 10 - Zim 64/1 (Taylor 6, Sibanda 29)

    Ali, encouraged by his wicket, is now pitching the ball up more consistently. Some enthusiastic fielding on the boundary saves a couple runs. This kind of fielding could be the difference between the two sides.


    Over 9 - Zim 58/1 (Taylor 3, Sibanda 26)

    Afridi comes into the attack. He is a very crafty leg-spinner who will be tough to score off. A watchfully played over costs Pakistan just five runs.


    Over 8 Zim 53/1 (Taylor 1, Sibanda 24)

    Ajmal has been whipped out of the attack and replaced by Ali. The first ball back is slapped backward of point to the boundary. WICKET. Masakadza is trapped lbw after trying to pull a delivery that was far too full. In walks captain Taylor.


    Over 7 Zim 48/0 (Masakadza 18, Sibanda 19)

    Sibanda leans back to give himself some room and cuts Irfan over point for another boundary. This start is putting Zimbabwe into a position where they can have a real crack at this target.


    Over 6 Zim 42/0 (Masakadza 17, Sibanda 14)

    It is time for spin. Ajmal comes into the attack to bowl the last over of the powerplay. The off-spinner immediately poses some questions, conceding just two runs off the bat.


    Over 5 Zim 35/0 (Masakadza 16, Sibanda 13)

    Hafeez looks to be getting the overs of pace out of the way while the ball is still new. Irfan changes ends and replaces Tanvir. Steep bounce flies over the keeper and gives a gift four byes to Zimbabwe.


    Over 4 Zim 28/0 (Masakadza 16, Sibanda 10)

    Anwar Ali replaces Irfan. He bowls right-arm medium and as so many before him, starts with a wide. Sibanda advances and cracks a boundary through cover point. It may well be time for some spin. A flick of the wrists sends the ball to the mid-wicket boundary thanks to some lovely timing and a very quick outfield.


    Over 3 Zim 19/0 (Masakadza 12, Sibanda 5)

    Tanvir continues to the two Zimbabweans who have started well. A brilliant diving effort at point saves a certain boundary. The pace is coming onto the bat very nicely.


    Over 2 Zim 16/0 (Masakadza 12, Sibanda 2)

    Two left-arm pace bowlers are in the attack as Irfan operate from the other end. Short, Wide and Masakadza cuts for four. An over-correction allows the batsmen to flick the full ball on his pads through mid-wicket for another boundary.

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Match Details

23rd Aug 2013
Zimbabwe won the toss and elected to bowl.
Harare Sports Club
O Chirombe, T J Matibiri
TV Umpire
R B Tiffin
Match Referee
J J Crowe
Reserve Umpire
L Rusere


Batsman R
H. Masakadza lbw Ali 18
V. Sibanda b Afridi 31
B.R.M. Taylor Not out 32
S.C. Williams lbw Hafeez 9
T. Maruma s Ahmed b Afridi 10
E. Chigumbura b Afridi 6
M. Waller Not out 14
Extras 9w, 5b, 2lb 16
Total 20.0 Overs 136 - 5
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Bowler O M R W
S. Tanvir 4 0 23 0
Iqbal 3 0 18 0
A. Ali 3 0 21 1
S. Ajmal 4 0 30 0
S.S.M.K. Afridi 4 0 25 3
M. Hafeez 2 0 12 1
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