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Pakistan win by 19 runs

Zimbabwe vs Pakistan


Last Updated: August 24, 2013 3:38pm

  • Over Over 20 Zim 160/6 (Masakadza 0, Chigumbura 35)

    Zimbabwe need 31 runs from 6 balls, Tanvir to finish the innings for Pakistan. Six, Chigumbura hits this over long on for a six, just clears the boundary. A dot ball, Chigumbura swings and misses a slower ball. Another dot ball, a good one from Tanvir, Chigumbura misses it again. Chigumbura pulls it for four to deep square leg. A yorker from Tanvir, Chigumbura takes a single to bring Masakadza on strike. A dot to end the over, Pakistan win the 2nd T20 by 20 runs.

  • Over Over 19 Zim 148/6 (Masakadza 0, Chigumbura 24)

    Anwar Ali to bowl the 19th over, Waller on strike. Waller drives it straight out of the ground, clean strike, making room for himself and swinging his arms. A couple more runs as Waller drives it over the covers to the sweeper. WICKET! Waller goes for another big shot only to give long on a simple catch, Zimbabwe lose Waller on 20. Shingi Masakadza comes out to bat with Chigumbura. Ahmad Shehzad does well on the boundary to stop two runs. Chigumbura smashes it through the leg side only to find long on, who keeps it down to a single.

  • Over Over 18 Zim 138/5 (Waller 12, Chigumbura 20)

    Tanvir comes back into the attack. A couple of runs to start the over, and followed by another two down to third man. A single to Chigumbura as he mishits one, Waller mishits one for another single. Eight from the over, Zimbabwe searching for a big over with 2 overs to go.

  • Over Over 17 Zim 130/5 (Waller 10, Chigumbura 15)

    Babar runs in to bowl his last over, Chigumbura hits him out of the ground for a big six. The required rate is around 14 run per over after that six. A single and then a couple of runs, Zimbabwe really need two boundaries per over from here on. A single to end the over, Zimbabwe need 50 from 18 balls.

  • Over Over 16 Zim 119/5 (Waller 8, Chigumbura 7)

    Asad Ali comes back into the attack, a single from the first ball and then a few dots. A wide down leg from Asad Ali. Four, Waller pulls it for four to deep square leg. Another boundary, Waller gets a four through the covers to end the over.

  • Over Over 15 Zim 109/5 (Waller 0, Chigumbura 6)

    Six overs remaining, Zim need 76 to win. A chance of a stumping against Chigumbura, but given not out in the end, it was close but the benefit of the doubt goes to the batsman. Four, Chigumbura rocks back and plays it through the covers for four. A single to follow the boundary. WICKET! Williams goes for a switch hit, and is stumped, Zimbabwe lose another wicket. Maruma comes out to bat. WICKET! Another wicket goes down, Hafeez takes a good catch at short extra cover, Babar gets his second wicket. Maruma goes for a duck and Zimbabwe are in trouble.

  • Over Over 14 Zim 104/3 (Williams 25, Chigumbura 1)

    The run rate has jumped to over 12 runs per over, Zimbabwe will have to attack if they want to stay alive. WICKET! The pressure creates the wicket, Masakadza who batted so well walks off, Jamshed takes a good catch. Chigumbura comes out to bat, the asking rate going towards 13. Williams tries to reverse sweep and misses. SIX, goes a few rows back! Tossed up on middle and leg, he gets on his knee and slogs him over deep midwicket, clean strike. After 14 overs, Zimbabwe 104 for 3.

  • Over Over 13 Zim 93/2 (Williams 17, Masakadza 39)

    Babar comes back into the attack, Zimbabwe will look to attack him. A single from the first ball and from the second. End of a good over from Babar, six runs from it.

  • Over Over 12 Zim 87/2 (Williams 12, Masakadza 37)

    Sean Williams joins the action as he pulls Hafeez for four through the leg side. A single to follow the boundary, the asking rate just over 11.5 per over. A well-run quick single. Ten runs from the over, Zimbabwe looking to attack now.

  • Over Over 11 Zim 77/2 (Williams 6, Masakadza 36)

    Afridi comes into the attack, and is hit for a six, Masakadza taking the attack to the opposition. 12 runs from the over.

  • Over Over 10 Zim 62/2 (Taylor 5, Masakadza 25)

    WICKET! Taylor goes, Hafeez bowls a straighter one and Taylor goes for the reverse sweep, only to get a top edge and give an easy catch to Ahmed behind the stumps. Williams comes out to bat. Almost a six, Masakadza takes the ariel route and Jamshed, who is not the most athletic fielder, takes the catch on the ropes then throws the ball back in just in time as he goes over the ropes. Clean stroke from Williams to end the over, a boundary, taking Zimbabwe to 65.

  • Over Over 9 Zim 56/1 (Taylor 3, Masakadza 21)

    A good over for Pakistan, 6 singles coming from it. The required rate now hovering around 11 runs per over.

  • Over Over 8 Zim 50/1 (Taylor 0, Masakadza 18)

    After one over from Babar, Hafeez comes into the attack. WICKET! The Pakistani captain gets the first wicket. Sibanda top edge it and Sohail Tanvir takes a good high catch, bringing Taylor into the middle. After 8 overs, Zim 50 for 1.

  • Over Over 7 Zim 50/0 (Sibanda 23, Masakadza 16)

    Afridi comes on from the other end. A shout for lbw, but the umpires are not interested. Masakadza drives it through midwicket for a couple of runs to end the over. After 7 overs, Zim 50 for no loss.

  • Over Over 6 Zim 44/0 (Sibanda 21, Masakadza 14)

    Babar comes into the attack. A good over from Babar, a maiden to start for him.

  • Over Over 5 Zim 44/0 (Sibanda 21, Masakadza 14)

    A bowling change in the form of Anwar Ali, Pakistan don't have Irfan or Ajmal today. Sibanda flicks it off his pads for four to fine leg, the bowler under pressure straightaway. Then he takes a single to third man, simple and clever batting. A good stop by Shehzad at point, stopping a few runs. Four, Anwar getting the treatment from Masakadza, who takes a step outside his crease and hits it through midwicket for four. Risky, cheeky and effective four from the last ball, Masakadza plays the scoop, edges it over the keeper for four.

  • Over Over 4 Zim 31/0 (Sibanda 16, Masakadza 6)

    Asad Ali continues, Sibanda pulls it away for a couple to deep square leg. A better shot from Sibanda this time, pulled away for four through mid wicket. Good balance and execution in that shot. A no ball from Ali and then a wide, the free hit remains. Smashed for four, Sibanda makes most of the free hit, hits it down the ground for four. A good over for Zimbabwe, 14 runs from it.

  • Over Over 3 Zim 17/0 (Sibanda 5, Masakadza 6)

    Tanvir continues, Zimbabwe looking for a steady start. Masakadza get hold of that one and hits it like a bullet for four, driven past point for a handsome boundary. A good over for Zimbabwe, eight runs from it.

  • Over Over 2 Zim 9/0 (Sibanda 4, Masakadza 1)

    Asad Ali starts from the other end. A good over from Ali so far, a shout for caught behind, a couple of straight balls that were blocked for no run. A quiet over for Zimbabwe, just two runs from it.

  • Over Over 1 Zim 7/0 (Sibanda 3, Masakadza 0)

    Sohail Tanvir to start with the ball for Pakistan. Sibanda and Masakadza with the bat for Zim. Sibanda gets off the mark with a couple of runs to deep square leg. A shout for lbw but the angle of the bowler means that the ball was pitching outside leg. The ball rolls into the fence for four down leg. 7 runs from the first over.

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Match Details

24th Aug 2013
Zimbabwe won the toss and elected to bowl.
Harare Sports Club
O Chirombe, R B Tiffin
TV Umpire
T J Matibiri
Match Referee
J J Crowe
Reserve Umpire
I Chabi


Batsman R
V. Sibanda c Tanvir b Hafeez 23
H. Masakadza c Amin b Hafeez 41
B.R.M. Taylor c Ahmed b Hafeez 3
S.C. Williams s Ahmed b Babar 25
E. Chigumbura Not out 35
T. Maruma c Hafeez b Babar 0
M. Waller c Afridi b Ali 20
S.W. Masakadza Not out 0
Extras 1nb, 5w, 7lb 13
Total 20.0 Overs 160 - 6
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Bowler O M R W
S. Tanvir 4 0 28 0
A. Ali 3 0 26 0
A. Ali 3 0 26 0
Z. Babar 4 1 21 2
S.S.M.K. Afridi 3 0 24 0
M. Hafeez 4 1 30 3
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