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Pakistan win by 221 runs

Zimbabwe vs Pakistan


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    Pak win by 221 runs

    Pakistan have won the 1st test by 221 runs. Zimbabwe all out for 120 in 46.4 overs. Ajmal and Rehman finishing with 4 wickets each.


    Over 47 - Zim 120/10 (Chatara 13, Mutumbami 16)

    Lunch was postponed earlier today because Pakistan only needed 2 wickets, but this last wicket is proving to be difficult. A chance of a stumping, Akmal appeals loudly behind the stumps but Chatara is safe. Chatara goes for the sweep and misses. WICKET! Ajmal finishes with 4 wickets Chatara is given out, caught behind.


    Over 46 - Zim 120/9 (Chatara 13, Mutumbami 16)

    Chatara swings and connects, another boundary over midwicket, brings about a change in the field. Chatara edges it to short fine leg for a single. A full toss angled into the leg side and it runs down to the square leg boundary.


    Over 45 - Zim 111/9 (Chatara 8, Mutumbami 12)

    Ajmal beating the outside edge of Mutumbami's bat. Chance of a single, but Mutumbami does not take it. End of a maiden from Ajmal.


    Over 44 - Zim 111/9 (Chatara 8, Mutumbami 12)

    Pakistan need just one more wicket to win, after Zimbabwe collapse from 13 for 1 overnight to 107 for 9. A shout for lbw, but given not out. Chatara misses the sweep and the ball just misses the stumps. Chatara plays it over the midwicket region for four, lifted over the field for four. End of another over, Chatara survives.


    Over 43 - Zim 107/9 (Chatara 4, Mutumbami 12)

    Swept again by Mutumbami, but he does not take the runs, farming the strike. Ajmal causing problems with the spinning ball and then with the one that goes straight. End of the over, Chatara will be on strike against Rehman now.


    Over 42 - Zim 107/9 (Chatara 4, Mutumbami 12)

    Zimbabwe have collapsed to 106 for 9, the spinners doing the job for Pakistan after Junaid Khan provided the early breakthroughs today. Mutumbami delays the inevitable, plays out the over. A single from it.


    Over 41 - Zim 106/9 (Chatara 4, Mutumbami 11)

    Ajmal is swept on the leg side for a single to end the over, Mutumbami will keep strike.

  • Over 40 - Zim 105/9 (Chatara 4, Mutumbami 10)

    WICKET! Rehman gets another wicket, Panyangara caught in front of the stumps, easy decision. One more wicket for Pakistan to seal a victory. Chatara drives it straight down the ground for four to end the over.


    Over 39 - Zim 100/8 (Panyangara 6, Mutumbami 10)

    Panyangara drives Ajmal down the ground for a handy four, decent shot from a tail-ender. Then goes back to blocking, Ajmal goes round the wicket and beats the outside edge.


    Over 38 - Zim 96/8 (Panyangara 2, Mutumbami 9)

    Lunch has been delayed as Pakistan only need two wickets. Mutumbami sweeps and gets another boundary, good shot from him. Just the boundary from the over, Pakistan need 2 wickets to win.


    Over 37 - Zim 92/8 (Panyangara 2, Mutumbami 5)

    Ajmal to Panyangara, a couple of runs from the last ball as Panyangara blocks most of the over out.


    Over 36 - Zim 90/8 (Panyangara 0, Mutumbami 5)

    Panyangara is the new batsman, coming ahead of Chatara. Rehman continues, and ends another maiden.

  • Over 35 - Zim 90/8 (, Mutumbami 5)

    Ajmal continues, a single from the first ball to Mutumbami. WICKET! Utseya falls, Ajmal pitches it outside the off stump, spinning into Utseya who goes for the cut shot only to chop it back on to his stumps. Shingi Masakadza comes out to bat, with a few minutes to go for lunch. WICKET! A double strike from Ajmal, Shingi Masakadza is caught in front of the stumps lbw, easy decision for the umpire. Zimbabwe 8 wickets down.

  • Over 34 - Zim 89/6 (Utseya 0, Mutumbami 4)

    Chigumbura edges it past the first slip for four to third man. Rehman continues as Ajmal joins him in the spin attack. WICKET! Easy catch to first slip. Chigumbura falls after playing a quick knock, edges it to Hafeez who makes no mistake. Zimbabwe six down and Utseya comes out to bat. End of another successful over for Rehman.


    Over 33 - Zim 85/5 (Chigumbura 24, Mutumbami 4)

    Ajmal comes back into the attack before lunch. Chigumbura takes a single, Mutumbami faces Ajmal. Uneven bounce for Ajmal, the straighter one rises up and into the batsman. Another sweep, this time Mutumbami finds the boundary. Five runs from the over.


    Over 32 - Zim 80/5 (Chigumbura 23, Mutumbami 0)

    Rehman to continue, three good balls to Mutumbami who blocks and leaves. Then he goes for the sweep and hits the short leg fielder. Azhar Ali hit and is in pain, but recovers and smiles all around. After 32 overs, ZImbabwe 80 for 5.


    Over 31 - Zim 80/5 (Chigumbura 23, Mutumbami 0)

    Another cracking shot from Chigumbura through the covers for four. Ali responds with a couple of well pitched balls and then a good bouncer. Chigumbura swings and top edges it over the keeper for four, a bit lucky but he is attacking the bowling. After 31 overs Zimbabwe 80 for 5.


    Over 30 - Zim 72/5 (Chigumbura 15, Mutumbami 0)

    Chigumbura looking to attack, comes down the ground and punches it through the leg side for four. A quick single to midwicket to end the over.


    Over 29 - Zim 67/5 (Chigumbura 10, Mutumbami 0)

    Ali continues, Chigumbura inside edges it to square leg. Four, Ali is not as effective as Junaid, Chigumbura rocks back and pushes it through the covers for four. Junaid is warming up, another short burst for him before lunch should be on the card. Chigumbura hits it to point who misfields it they run two, then he punches it through the covers for three runs to end the over.

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Match Details

3rd - 7th Sep 2013
Zimbabwe won the toss and elected to bowl.
Harare Sports Club
S J Davis, R Martinesz
TV Umpire
T J Matibiri
Match Referee
J Srinath
Reserve Umpire
O Chirombe


Batsman R
T.M.K. Mawoyo lbw Ajmal 2
V. Sibanda lbw Khan 6
H. Masakadza c Ali b Khan 1
S.R. Butt c Ali b Rehman 24
M. Waller c Ali b Rehman 17
E. Chigumbura c Hafeez b Rehman 28
R. Mutumbami Not out 16
P. Utseya b Ajmal 0
S.W. Masakadza lbw Ajmal 0
T. Panyangara lbw Rehman 6
T.L. Chatara lbw Ajmal 13
Extras 1nb, 1b, 5lb 7
Total All Out, 46.4 Overs 120
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Bowler O M R W
J.M. Khan 10 3 20 2
R. Ali 7 1 35 0
S. Ajmal 16.4 5 23 4
A. Rehman 13 5 36 4
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